Lyttelton, Charles


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Personal and family information

Personal information

Person ID CL
Sex Male
First Name Charles
Last Name Lyttelton
Married name -
Spouse -
Spouse's Rank -
Spouse's Title -
Year of Marriage -
Life span 54
Year of Birth 1714
Year of Death 1768


Father Sir Thomas Lyttelton
Father's Rank Upper gentry
Father's Title 4th Baronet Lyttelton
Mother Christian Lyttelton née Temple

Domicile region and Migration

Place of Birth (Town)

Town Hagley

Domicile Region

Address Town County Country From To Notes
[Hagley Hall] Hagley Worcestershire England 1714 - 1

1 Charles Lyttelton was born at Hagley and presumably spent some of his childhood at Hagley Hall.


Address Town County Country From To Notes
Clifford Street London Middlesex England - 1768 1
Rose Castle - Cumbria England 1762 . 2

1 Charles Lyttelton died at his house in Clifford Street.

2 The Rose Castle is the home of the Bishops of Carlisle, where Charles Lyttelton also lived during his time as the Bishop.

Social Information

Social Class

Rank 1 Upper gentry
Title -
From 1714
To [1762]
Rank 2 Upper gentry
Title -
From 1714
To [1762]

Social Mobility

Charles Lyttelton was appointed Bishop of Carlisle in 1762.


Bishop of Carlisle, researcher and antiquary



Institution Eton College, Middle Temple, Oxford University College
Highest Degree DCL
From 1725
To [1745]



Languages known



Bibliography IDs

Nurse, 2004


Charles Lyttelton first studied law, but gave it up for "the less strenuous demands of the church", continuing his studies and graduating DCL in 1745. Later on, Charles Lyttelton researched Worcestershire history and fossils, on which he also published two short papers. He was elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1740 and Fellow of the Royal Society in 1743. Charles Lyttelton was chaplain-in-ordinary to George II in 1747.

Sent letters

No letters

Received letters

Letter ID Year From To
BC_1756_EMONTAGU_CL 1756 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Lyttelton, Charles
BC_1764_EMONTAGU_CL 1764 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Lyttelton, Charles