Reynolds, Frances


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Personal and family information

Personal information

Person ID FR
Sex Female
First Name Frances
Last Name Reynolds
Married name -
Spouse -
Spouse's Rank -
Spouse's Title -
Year of Marriage -
Life span 78
Year of Birth 1729
Year of Death 1807


Father Samuel Reynolds
Father's Rank Lower gentry
Father's Title Reverend
Mother Theophilia Reynolds née Potter

Domicile region and Migration

Place of Birth (Town)

Town Plympton Erle

Domicile Region

Address Town County Country From To Notes
Plympton Erle Plymouth Devon England - - 1

1 Frances Reynolds was born at Plymton Erle, Devon.


Address Town County Country From To Notes
- London Middlesex England [1752] [late 1770's] 1
Queen Square London Middlesex England 1792 1807 2

1 Frances Reynolds moved to London around 1752 to keep house for her elder brother, Joshua Reynolds.

2 After her brother's death in 1792 Frances Reynolds became financially independent, acquiring a large house in London, at Queen Square, Westminster. Frances also died at her house at Queen Square.

Social Information

Social Class

Rank -
Title -
From -
To -

Social Mobility



Painter, poet and writer on art



Institution -
Highest Degree -
From -
To -



Languages known



Bibliography IDs

Rosenthal, 2009


Frances Reynolds published her poems in "A Melancholy Tale" in 1790, and a treatise in 1789, called "Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Taste and the Origin of our Ideas of Beauty", which included a dedication to Elizabeth Montagu. Frances Reynolds argued that the principle of beauty is actually moral sense. Frances Reynolds also painted a portrait of Elizabeth Montagu (amongst others).

Sent letters

No letters

Received letters

Letter ID Year From To
BC_178x_EMONTAGU_FR 178x Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Reynolds, Frances