West, Gilbert


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Personal and family information

Personal information

Person ID GW
Sex Male
First Name Gilbert
Last Name West
Married name -
Spouse Catherine West née Bartlett
Spouse's Rank Lower gentry
Spouse's Title -
Year of Marriage 1729
Life span 53
Year of Birth 1703
Year of Death 1756


Father Richard West
Father's Rank Lower gentry
Father's Title Archdeacon of Berkshire
Mother Maria West née Temple

Domicile region and Migration

Place of Birth (Town)

Town -

Domicile Region

Address Town County Country From To Notes
- - - - - -


Address Town County Country From To Notes
- West Wickham Kent England [1729] - 1

1 After his marriage, Gilbert West retired from the army and devoted himself to "learning and piety"", living in West Wickham."

Social Information

Social Class

Rank [Lower gentry]
Title -
From -
To -

Social Mobility

In 1752 Gilbert West was given a clerkship of the privy council and in 1754 he was appointed paymaster to Chelsea Hospital.


English poet, translator and Christian apologist



Institution Winchester, Eton and Christ Church, Oxford
Highest Degree DCL
From -
To -



Languages known



Bibliography IDs

Wilson, 2005; Sairio, 2009


Gilbert West's first poem describing his uncle's gardens at Stowe was published anonymously in 1732. In 1747 he published "Observations on the History and Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ", for which the University of Oxford granted him the degree of DCL. With Elizabeth Montagu, Gilbert West often had long discussions on literature and religion. Gilbert West was the cousin of George Lyttelton, with whom he went to Oxford in the 1740's to study Christianity, aiming to prove some accounts of Christianity wrong, but ending up becoming Christians themselves.

Sent letters

No letters

Received letters

Letter ID Year From To
BC_1753_EMONTAGU_GW 1753 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) West, Gilbert