Brydges, Lydia Catherina


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Personal and family information

Personal information

Person ID LB
Sex Female
First Name Lydia Catherine
Last Name Vanhatten
Married name (1st marriage) Brydges
Spouse Thomas Davall
Spouse's Rank [Upper gentry]
Spouse's Title -
Year of Marriage -
Married name (2nd marriage)
Spouse James Brydges
Spouse's Rank Nobility
Spouse's Title 1st Duke of Chandos and Marquess of Carnarvon
Year of Marriage 1736
Life span 57
Year of Birth 1693
Year of Death 1750


Father John Vanhatten
Father's Rank [Non-gentry professional]
Father's Title -
Mother [Lydia Vanhatten née Davall]

Domicile region and Migration

Place of Birth (Town)


Domicile Region

Address Town County Country From To Notes


Address Town County Country From To Notes
Shaw House near Newbury Northumberland England [1744] - 1
- London Middlesex England [1736] - 2
Cannons Mansion Edgware Middlesex England [1736] [1747] 3

1 James Brydges had bought the Shaw House residence in 1726 and lived there with his 2nd wife Cassandra Willoughby. After James Brydge's death in 1744, Lydia Catherine Brydges took residence at Shaw House.

2 Lydia Catherine and James Brydges lived in London at least part of the time.

3 James Brydges built the Cannons Mansion. It was demolished in 1747 or 1748.

Social Information

Social Class

Rank 1 [Non-gentry]
Title -
From 1693
To ?
Rank 2 [Non-gentry]
Title -
From 1693
To ?
Rank 3 [Non-gentry]
Title -
From 1693
To ?

Social Mobility

Lydia Catherine married his cousin, Thomas Davall, who was knighted in 1713 and thus presumably belonged to the upper gentry. Lydia Catherine's second marriage to the 1st Duke of Chandos, James Brydges, gained her the title of 3rd Duchess of Chandos.





Institution -
Highest Degree -
From -
To -



Languages known



Bibliography IDs

Huntington library collection; Royal Berkshire History; Johnson, 2004


Sent letters

No letters

Received letters

Letter ID Year From To
BC_1749_EMONTAGU_LB 1749 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Brydges, Lydia Catherina
BC_1750_EMONTAGU_LB_1 1750 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Brydges, Lydia Catherina
BC_1750_EMONTAGU_LB_2 1750 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Brydges, Lydia Catherina