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   I am afraid you wish I had never learnt to write as I trouble you so often with my letters, but you must expect to be importuned with all the methods by which I can express my regard, I hope in Town by the help of news & chatt to be a better Correspondent all subjects being now worn thread bare, the Country is desolate, even Philomel & the Wood Nymphs seem to have forsaken it, & Nature having for the Season withdrawn her beauties & blessings of Solitude seems to point us to Society, & now the Landskips & musick of the fields are over we must have recourse to the Works of Man for gay objects & to his conversation for Entertainment, you will think perhaps the performance of the Taylor & the tattle of the Beau, but indeed I like the butterfly of the field better than those of the Town, in the Street it is a merit to be handsome and [\to INTO a\] perfection to be gaudy in Creatures who pretend to be Rational the case is different
Tho' indeed the Beau as well as the Butterfly might originally be a Worm & no Man, but he shou'd not be so proud of his Colours & ought still to retain some of the Worms humility & not flutter amongst the fair Lillies in the saucy pride of his gaudiness not to imitate the impertinence I blame I will say no more of them. I wish I knew how to introduce a request with any merit or even apology of mine that might render it acceptable, but I have considered nothing is sufficient for that but your goodness therefore to so good an Advocate I entirely committ my Cause, I am sure if it is reasonable & you think fit [\IN MARGIN Convenient\] grant it you will not deny it me, and I would not upon any other terms receive it, as I desire your approbation let other people think as they please; You know this year I am to be introduced by the Dutchess to the best company in Town & when she lies in am [\BLOT\] [\to\] receive in form with her all her visits as Lady Bell used to do & upon that occasion all the people of Quality
Of both Sexes [\WORD INTO that\] are in London [\WORDS INTO pay their\] visits in form & I must be in full dress, & [\all INTO I\] shall go about with her Every where all the winter, therefore a Suit of Cloaths will be necessary for me, the value of which I submit intirely to you, I shall never so much want a handsome suit as upon this occasion of first appearing with my Lady Dutchess, to whom to be sure it would be agreable to see me dress'd [\TEAR\] must be advantageous to me, but as the first [\TEAR\] [\consideration\] is to please you I woud by no means urge this beyond your pleasure, by duty or inclination I shall always be content with what you order & hope you will not be displeased with my request, [\WORD INTO as\] the knowledge of your goodness encouraged me to trespass it will make me content with whatever it shall ordain, the chief of my request being (which as just you will not deny) that you will believe me at all times with the greatest Respect & Obedience
   Your most Dutifull Daughter
   Eliz Robinson
[\ADDRESS\] To / Matthew Robinson Esq=r=