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[\Weds DELETED\] Thursday y=e= 29=th= Dearest Sally
   I was very sorry I could not write to you last post but [\impossiblility INTO impossibility\] was the impediment I did [\WORD DELETED\] intend you a long letter but we had company in y=e= morning I was under a necessity of writing two letters we had company at dinner & in the afternoon I was to go to Lord Oxfords Ball at Mary Bonne I assure you the Ball was very agreable I will give you the list as they danced the Dutchess & Lord Foley, the Duke & M=rs= Pendarves, Lord Dupplin & Dash, L=d= George & Fidget, L=d= Howard & Miss Cesar M=r= Granville & Miss Tatton M=r= Hay & [\Miss DELETED\] another Miss Cesar the Partners were chosen by their fans but a little (\supercherie\) in the case I believe one of our Dancers appointed fail'd so our Worthy Cousin S=r= Tommy was sent for & he came but when he had drawn Miss Cesars fan he would not dance with her but M=r= Hay who as the more Canonical diversion, [\WORDS DELETED\] [\chose/] Cards,
Danced with the poor forsaken Damsel the Knight bore the roast with great fortitude & to make amend[\s?\] promises his neglected fair a Ball at his house I believe in his Oeconomy he saves a dinner when he is invited to Supper for he eat a forequarter of Lamb a chicken with a plentiful portion of Ham potted beef and jellies innumerable, & after supper to provide for the future as well as make amends for the past he eat a prodigious breakfast of bread & butter & coffee & little after two in the morning, the Earl & Countess behaved gracious enough my Lord civil & easy as could be & desired his compliments to my Father pray give my duty to him & tell him I propose to do my self the honour of writing to him very soon. I sat for my picture to Zinx this morning I believe it will be like I am in Anna Bullens dress. I desire you to send me up my work'd facing & robing my point some lutestring the Cambrick for my ruffles which was taken by mistake & if there is enough of my Chints it w=d= be better than white Callies because of the expense of washing I could face it
With some painted Linnen [\Same Same BY WHOM?/] pray let me have these thing as soon [\Same Same Same BY WHOM?/] as possible & I should be infinitely obliged [\obliged BY WHOM?/] to my Father if he wou'd send me the fellow to the white Rose [\Same thing BY WHOM?/] & the other flowers you have for your apron I would write to him on purpose to ask this favour, but really I have not time for to make my request, I am now at M=rs= Pendarves's in a Room full of Company. Tom breakfastd with me this Morning. The Duke & Dutchess called upon me the morning you went to know how I did, but they were in hast & our house much in a litter so I did not carry them up [\SEAL\] [{stairs{] the Marquiss is very quiet & never disturbs [\me\] but warms my Shift [\in DELETED\] & brings it me before I get up. Lady Wallingford is so well that she sent yesterday to desire I would write to her for she wantd something to divert her as she lay in bed you may suppose I had the humanity to obey her commands & L=d= Wallingford wrote word to the Duke that my letter made her laugh very heartily, she thinks she has a fever & a Rash & will be at the heighth on Saturday poor M=rs= [\Delme\] has had much worse luck. My Duty to my Father & Mother I am
   most affectionately yours
[\ADDRESS\] To / Miss Robinson / at Mount Morris/ Near Hythe /
Kent / Free Portland