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[\ADDED Oct 8\]
My Dear Sally
   The Sons of Apollo haunt this place much, the tunefull Green is gone but the poetical D=r= Young is with us, I am much entertai_d with him, he is a very sensible Man has a lively imagination & strikes out very pretty things in his conversation, tho he has satirized the worst of our Sex he honours the best of them extreamly & seems delighted with those who act & think reasonably I think he had wrote a Satire against that composition of oddity affectation & folly which is call'd a pretty Sort of Woman, if any one has a mind to put on that character they need but pervert their Sense, distort their faces, disjoint their Limbs, mince their phrases & lisp their words & the thing is done, grimaces, trite Sentences, affected civility, forced gayety & an imitation of good nature compleats their Character,
Which is [\according to/] my Lady Boltons definition of (\Salmigondi\) an assemblage of incongruities, small smatterings of behaviour pick'd up from different persons, the very mention of pretty sort of Women brings so many of my impertinent acquaintance into my head that I must forget the Sisterhood as soon as I can. I dont see why that panegyrical panegyrick is to be apply'd to me Robinson being a name common to us both, so chuse what of the Goddess's you please for your self: I was glad to see it came off so decently after setting out with a naiveté. I think M=r= Hately is mistaken as to my being ill for I cannot recollect any such thing, I had the headach one day as I sent you word & was a little out of order since with anxiety for Robert or else I have been perfectly well & am so now but if I should be ill you shall have the satisfaction of knowing it immediately
So do not imagine me very sick when I ail nothing, your reproof for my fear is just enough but pray do you think [\BLOT\] [\if\] ones own reason in that case wont serve that any other Persons will do, I argued with myself about [\it/] very much, my Reason disputed my folly prevail'd, I see the papers sooner than you have them, & more news papers, & I saw news of the Pursers [\TEAR\] [{being{] to the India House there you [\SEAL\] [{know{] he might have put lett=rs= into y=e= post from Robert, & from that time I reckon'd: but now it is over why did not I take the reasonable side of the question? philosophy & prophecy come generally (\apres coup\) Reason [\BLOT\] [\determines\] our Arguments but passion governs our Actions, what pitty that Sentences systems & definitions should give way to Cribbage but two Dutchess's
[\IN MARGIN\] Command my presence the Dss of Kent came here yesterday, she is a very sensible & polite Woman & she wants one to play at Cribbage & so my Dear Sister (\Adieu\)
[\ADDRESS\] To / Miss Robinson/ At Horton / Near Hythe / Kent / Free Portland