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Allerthorpe Sep=t=: y=e= 17=th= Dear Sir
   M=r= Carter [\have INTO having\] said to you every thing that is necessary & to the purpose, it may seem there is no occasion I should add any thing to his letter, but how should we abridge Life of its pleasures & its pomps if we limited ourselves to what is merely necessary? this scantiness of tast has reduced Philosophers to a Tub or an Old Cloak, so awkward an Equipage that the wise men of these days seem to despise every thing that looks like contracting their desires, & [\WORD INTO appear\] rather to extend them to every unnecessary & unusefull addition. I have not sent you the letters that came for you this post, & I believe it is better not to hazard your missing them, as you will do if you set out on Sunday from Newcastle. I can tell you I have two eyes that will be glad to see you at your Return, I have quite recover'd the weak eye by
Putting on blisters from which I suffer_d less inconvenience in my Ears than I should by a long story or a bad pun: I own my Ears have not that tender sense of charity to be hurt quite as much by a little well merited censure upon my Neighbours as they are by the heat of a blister; else they would not suffer more now than from the venomous breath of common fume in a Place of polite teatable conversation. My Sister & I went to [\Lord/] Aylesburys yesterday, I was charm'd with the Place, it is amazing any one could be so pleased & so out of their wits & not make verses, but yet I did not compose even a Rhime, if I had made any verses they must have been Pindarick, they suit best with the genius of the Place, but what my genius is fit for is a thing the World has not yet found out. If M=r= Edw=d= Carter was disengaged I would go to Studley to morrow, to compare the places while Tanfield is
Fresh in my memory, I suppose the wild graces of this will be quite outdone by the improved & cultivated beauties of Studley, but for my part I believe I should prefer a (\Belle Sauvage\) to an accomplish'd Court beauty: all our pleasures seem too much prepared & studied, but those we find in a meer Natural Scene appear accidental, & free from labour, fatigue, & contrivance, all which are the Enemies of suprize & preparers of Expectation, the great anticipator of Human joy. I hope I shall hear on Sunday that you got well to Newcastle, & without cold, for my part I am just as I was when you left me. M=rs= Carter has had a fit of an ague & M=r= Carter yesterday got a fall from his horse, you see by his letter he is well but he had a little bruised [\his side/] his diligence however is proof against accidents, he has been riding about to day & taking his usual doze of ease. My Paper admonishes me to conclude
[\IN MARGIN\] I never loved admonition in my life, but advice is a wholesome bitter & one must take it, since paper time, & perhaps your patience require it I will take my leave. Pray accept my Sisters complim=ts= & make mine to M=r= Isaacson his family & M=r= Grey. (\Adieu\)
   I am your most Faithfull
   & affectionate Wife
[\ADDRESS\] To / Edward Montagu Esq=r= / Member of Parliament /
To Be Left at the Post House / At Newcastle upon Tyne