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[\IN PENCIL 1742\] Oct y=e= 16=th= My Dear
   I have been obliged to write so many letters to day that my impertinence is exhausted & my time also, therefore you need not be under the apprehension of a long letter. I have sent two lett=rs= that were directed to you, one I believe is from M=r= Wilson, & can be of little use, but for fear of a mistake I have enclosed it. The Letter directed to D=r= Middleton if you approve I w=d= beg the favour of you to frank & send to the Post, but I should be glad you w=d= first take the trouble to read it, for it is with some uneasiness I correspond with the very wise, I think an understanding of a middle size has a great deal of trouble in Conversation between reaching to those above it & stooping to those below it, as the latter is done with more ease & better Grace I think I w=d= prefer one of the highest kind if I might chuse, but as that may not be I desire as few occasions as possible to stoop or Soar, & so shall keep as much as I can with my Equals: if you dont like the letter pray burn it, if it is nonsense
[\SEAL: WORD COVERED\] I can write another as good. Tho' I venture this appeal [\SEAL: WORD COVERED\] y=r= good opinion more than any ones, but with your judgment for me you will have mercy, & find an excuse where you find a fault. All here are well. I had a letter from M=rs= Donnellan in which she mentions going into the Country for a fortnight, therefore I should be sorry you should have the trouble of Calling there before her Return. My Sister desires her best Respects. The Hours will appear tedious till friday that I hear you got well to Town, may Health & happiness be your inseperable Companions, as they will surely be if they are as Constant to you as the good wishes of
   My Dearest Your very affectionate
   And faithfull Wife
   E Montagu.
   If D=r= Middleton sh=d= send his translation of Brutus & Cicero's letters to me in Doverstreet pray send them down by Wear. The Doctor did not tell me he design'd I sh=d= have them but having given me [\BLOT: UNCLEAR\] his Greater Work I think it is probable he may add this as it does in a manner compleat it. My compli=mts= attend M=rs= Medows
[\ADDRESS\] To / Edward Montagu Esq=r= / Member of Parliament /
In Doverstreet / London