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Doverstreet Tuesday y=e= 23=d= of june
[\ADDED 1747\]
My Dearest
   I am now on the point of [\WORD INTO leaving\] this Town & my disfurnish'd House which I should [\have DELETED\] this morning have taken my leave of, but not being very well when I rose I thought it more advisable to defer my journey till tomorrow but it will grieve me to leave Town the day a letter from you may arrive there, for if it be not to meet you what can my journey give me that will glad my heart like a line from your hand! however I have contrived so as to have it brought me on thursday by M=rs= Donnellans maid. Please to direct your next to Sandleford. M=r= Carter arrived here to day, he regrets that he did not meet with a letter at Bugden to order him to wait on you at Huntingdon; he looks very well; & left his family in good health, he does not know how long he shall stay in Town, as it depends on the negotiations for y=e= Captain. I have sent both your Buroes to M=rs= Medows for they could not be carried up the Backstairs at Hillstreet & I could not think them safe below. I have got M=r= Timbrel to order one of his Men whom he can rely on to lye in
The House, for which we must give ab=t= Eighteen pence a week but it is better than to run the hazard of losing every thing. the box of writings & those books you left in your Closet I will send to my Fathers lodgings where I have taken you a Room which is well aird. when you come out of Town you may send those few books & the Box where you think fit.
  I am sorry that your Election does not come on sooner, sure when it is over you may be released & come [\to INTO &?\] enjoy the pleasures of the Country, & give them that perfection they will want with me till you arri[{ve{] [\SEAL\] I committed a fault in not sending M=r= Newtons letter by last post. I know not how I overlook'd it but hope you will pardon it. There is a warrant come for a Book from the Duke of Montagu. I shall leave it with Griffith. My Father is this day gone to Maidstone to pay his complim=ts= to the Kentish Gentlemen. My Brother does not meet with any opposition. My Sister desires her best respects.
   I am
   with the most Gratefull
   and tender affection
   EM Have you taken y=r= medicine? I will repeat y=e= Recipe least you sh=d= have lost it. an ounce of milk water half an ounce of surfeit water 2 scruples of Salt of Nitre. shall Atkinson sell y=e= Wheat
Please to send to the Crown Inn for a box in which I have sent your frock with the Gold loops. I hope it will please you the loops are 2=d= apeice cheaper than those M=r= Vol shew=d= you. & I think richer. I shall be glad to hear you like y=e= suit. the box will be at Huntingdon I presume to morrow night if the Coach goes thro in a day.
[\ADDRESS\] To / Edw: Montagu Esq=r= / At / Huntingdon