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Monday y=e= 2=d= of Apr
    I will not defer an instant answering my Dear Sallys agreable letter & its most welcome contents, tho I have not time to say how much pleasure your kind promise of a visit gives me yet I will get a moment for to say I will if in life & health, be at Sandleford on the eighth of May. & as much sooner as I can, to receive you & Lady Bab. the longer time you can give me the more I shall be obliged to you & her. I do not think [\it/] an unreasonable question in April to ask people where they will be in May, but if you have help'd me to come speedily to a resolution so much the better, for it may be as much a misfortune not to know where one would be as not to know what one would have.
I desire my best complim=ts= to Lady Bab & that we will take all possible care of her at Sandleford & that our Air is very good & the situation as healthfull as those recommended in the daily Advertiser. my Bro=r= Willy is come to spend a little time with us he is at present at the play or he would send his love but you may suppose it & not be mistaken. M=r= Montagu desires me to assure you that he is much pleased with the hopes of seeing [\you/] & Lady Bab. My love to the little Captain. I believe I may trouble you with some Commissions for getting me some Gause &c clean'd for I have fallen much into that kind of Wear, & it dirties sooner than I approve of. I shall write you a longer letter next post but would not
A moment defer that eternal truth that your company will always be a great happiness to your truly
   affect Sister
   And Sincere friend
   E:M: Morris & My Bro=r= Robinson dined here yesterday & are very well