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Saturday 25[\=th= ADDED\] [\Nov. ADDED\]
[\1758 ADDED\]
My Dearest
   I am infinitely obliged to you for y=r= kind concern for my little nephew, thank God he is well after this severe bout, a little weak but full of spirit & play. I propose to call on Morris tomorrow & will shew him y=r= very friendly letter which I am sure will give [\him/] great pleasure, his sincere esteem & regard for you will make him feel ye highest satisfaction in the brotherly affection with which you express y=r= self not that he is now to learn your goodness to him of which he has had many proofs. I made a visit to M=r= Charles Montagu to day, his legs are terribly swelled, they have been scarified by which he finds a temporary relief. Lord Edgecumbe is dead. M=r= C: Montagu & M=r= Archer charged me with many compliments to you. poor M=rs= Montagu seems very unhappy
The tears were often in her eyes, the sight of her made me melancholly; to see a beloved object in such circumstances is woe indeed, I do not wonder she is so much affected. I am sorry I express_d myself strongly in regard to my health, I did not mean I was worse than when I left y=e= Country. I am indeed much better, my rest is good & I have now been very well for 4 days, it is some \months/ since I had had 4 hours of so comfortable health. I took a long airing yesterday, to day I made some necessary visits. I seldom venture out in ye evening tomorrow night I shall go to Lady F Williams & must wait on M=rs= Bowes & Lady F: Burgoigne who made [\me/] a visit some days ago. M=r= Pitt spoke very well at ye opening of ye Parl=mt=. the K- is much pleased with ye turn of ye speech, & y=e= publick from him does not find fault. Tho it was declaring strongly for what used to be calld German measures, however we had better make war with spirit than by halves. Stillingfleet & Torriano spent ye evening with me & desired their comp=ts= they are
but just gone & ye last bell is ringing so I can only add that I am with most true
   your faithfull affectionate
   and Obed=t= Wife
   EM My voice is quite well