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[\ADDED Denton 10=th= of Sept:\]
   As I can tell my Dear Sister I am now very well, I hope it will give her little pain to know I have been very ill, especially as that illness past may occasion health to come as I have a weakness in my left eye I must be brief. On this day sennight at 4 in y=e= Morn I was seiz'd with a fainting fit, in which I lay sometime my Maids in their fright let y=e= (\Eau de luce\) fall into my eye nostril & mouth, my eyes was enflamed & nostril, but y=e= Mouth & Uvula of y=e= throat excoriated After a long hard & cruel struggle for life a [\BLOT\] [{most{] sharp contention with this medicine I awakend to find myself in this terrible condition. D=r= Askew un_happily lay at Durham that night so had no assistance till 2 at noon, then I was blooded which abated y=e= inflammation so far I cd articulate. y=e= D=r= told me my safety depended on frequent gurgling & drinking so for 4 days I was never 1/4 of an hour without so doing y=e= Spitting was more ardent than from a Mercureal salivation & I believe will be beneficial to my health
I am now pure well, rested well last night & after great & cruel sufferings taste ye joy of ease. It was a formidable moment when I came out of my fit to see blood running from eye nose & mouth M=r= Montagu almost distracted & I knew not which way my agonies w=d= end. God in his mercy heard me, & has indeed refreshd me with short slumbers thro my illness, or I must have been in a delirium. I beg my Dear Sister & Lady Bab to add their thanksgiving prayers to mine for this great deliverance. D=r= Askew says what has happend will be of infinite service to my health that I have a [\sharp\] scorbutick habit & he thinks I may be better after this than I have been of many Years. M=r= Montagu has shewn on this occasion y=e= most passionate love imaginable. D=r= Askew has been very carefull & an excell=t= apothecary has watchd me night & day. I ail nothing [\now/] but a little tenderness of mouth & eye, & I spit more than is cleanly still by tomorrow that too will be over
   Ever y=rs= most affectly.