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[\UPSIDE DOWN IN MARGIN The Bishop of Elphin has carried his cause in our house of Peers in which charity equity & Lady Frances William triumph\]
   I have just received my Dear M=rs= Carters letter, & am very happy in her approbation of ye dialogues. With her encouragement I do not know but at last I may become an author in form. It enlarges y=e= sphere of action, & lengthens ye short period of human life. To become universal & lasting is an ambition which none but great genius's should indulge; but to be read by a few, & for a few years, may be aspired to. We see in Nature some birds are destined to range the vast region of ye air, others to fly & hop near the ground, & pick up the worms, I shall think my self happy if I can do anything towards clearing society of their lower & meanest follies. The dialogues, I mean the three worst, have had a more favorable reception than I expected. Lord Lytteltons have been admired to y=e= highest degree, which indeed they deserve. I am sensible of ye great disadvantage the others have in
Following them. M=rs= Modish is a great favorite with the Town, but some Ladies have toss'd up their heads & said it was abominably satirical. you will hear from Lambeth how they are all approved of. The 3 last were for some days attributed to M=r= Charles York, but alas! They are now mostly given to ye true Author. Lady F: Williams & ye authors friends had little doubt. M=rs= Donnellan wrote a note insisting to be inform_d whether they were yours or -- I got myself pretty well out of y=e= scrape, & feeling they were unworthy of you, I took care to intimate they were not your writing. My friendship resisted ye temptation of giving you the blame. I believe without telling a direct fib I have puzzled Donnellans curiosity. Few have had the indelicacy to ask, but several have hinted & I have parry'd the blow. I have long been sorry to see the best of our Sex running continually after publick spectacles & diversions, to ye ruin of their health & understandings, & neglect of
All domestick duties; but I own the late instance of their going to hear Lord Ferrers sentence particularly provoked me. The Ladies crouded to y=e= house of Lords to see a wretch brought loaded with crime & shame to ye bar to hear sentence of a cruel & ignominious death. which considering only this world, cast shame back on his ancestors, & all his Succeeding family. There was in this case every thing that could disgrace human nature & civil distinctions; but it was a sight, & in spite of all pretenses to tenderness & delicacy they went adorn'd with jewels, & laughing & gay, to see their fellow creature in the most horrid situation, making a sad end of this life, & in fearfull expectation of ye commencement of another. These Ladies w=d= be angry if one could suppose they w=d= delight to see y=e= blows & cuts boxers or backsword champions give each other, yet honour, spirit, & courage animate these combatants; nothing but a criminal insensibility, ye most wicked
Hardness of heart could support Lord Ferrers under his crime & disgrace. Can one wonder that mistaken piety can make people spectators of y=e= horrors of an (\auto de [\Fe/] \), when ye love of Spectacles can carry Women to see a Murderer receive sentence! If I had been one of his Judges I should have submitted to y=e= pain of passing sentence; but if justice does not call one to a scene of punishment what could induce [\one/] to be present at it? You will believe M=rs= Modish was there, tho she does not mention it.
   Lady Frances Williams & M=rs= Pitt were here last night. I have pass'd this evening alone as quietly as if I had been in ye Country. The bad weather kept me in Town. I ask pardon that I have not sent you y=e= [\directions DELETED\] proposals for Thucydides, you shall have it in my next. Pray let me know the sentence of ye Academy of Sciences at Deal on y=e= Dialogues. (\Adieu\) Dear Madam believe me most affectly & tenderly yours
   EM [\CROSSED OUT BY A LATER HAND? I beg you to inform me of y=e= state of y=e= Dean of Canterburys health but not to mention my enquiry\]