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Hillstreet y=e= 16=th=.
[\ADDED 1760\]
My Dearest Sister
   I found your letter yesterday at my return to Hillstreet. If I had known some days sooner of your being at Witney I would have met you there, trusting to a good welcome from ye Dean & M=rs= Freind I w=d= have taken that road to y=e= North, & have borrow_d some days from my waterdrinking scheme, I am now bound by promise to M=r= Montagu to set out from hence directly and dare not put so much delay into my journey. I will own I took it into consideration even this morning, inquired ye distance, goodness of roads &c, found myself in danger of breaking my faith to my Consort from weakness within & force of external temptations, but considering I should trespass on M=r= Montagu's expectations near a week I gave up my scheme tho it
still lies fluttering at my heart. It really grieves me beyond expression to lose my annual pleasure of seeing you. by the by this carrying a coalsack is as bad as carrying a knapsack, & alack a day that I should be quarterd at Newcastle! I who would never go out of ye bills of mortality but to see you & some particular friends. I am come to Town fat, rosy, nay they tell me quite a blowzelinda. I feel upon leaving Tunbridge as if I waked out of a delirious dream, & indeed I am glad it is over, for I hate that sort of idleness in which there is so much ado about nothing. I believe that for this last fornight I have shewn our Tunbridge folks that I have not been learning greek . (\Je me suis diverti moult tristement\) on y=e= walks, in y=e= rooms, at ye Balls. I shall write to you again next post for I must make this a brief epistle
I brought 5 letters in my letter case yesterday in order to answer them by to days post. I found six letters at my arrival all wanting answers, think how this & my preparation for my Northern expedition must hurry me. D=r= Monsey is now sitting by me with a face of impatience but he shall wait till I have desired my comp=ts= to the Dear M=rs= Freind & Miss Freind. I have sent you a translation of some poems from y=e= old Erse language in which you will find y=e= noblest spirit of poetry. I shall set out for ye North on friday at latest. Monsey sends his tender sighs to you.
   I am my Dearest Sister
   Ever y=rs=