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feb y=e= 4=th= [\ADDED 1768 /1766\] My dear Madam
    To gather news one should go out, to write letters one should stay at home. To reconcile these things is not so easy. I have given so many hours to collecting my news I have little time to write it. Yesterday the House of Lords met, ye grand question as enclosed, the speakers as you see. L=d= Campden & Lord Mansfield spoke admirably. All people admired the parts of each speaker, the arguments of the latter had greater prosperity. In the House of Commons there was a division on y=e= same question, M=r= Pitt, M=r= Beckford, & Col Barré made ye whole minority, so you see the Gods & Cato are again on different sides. Lord Lyttelton spoke yesterday better than ever
Lord Shelburn spoke well. To day there was a debate in the House of Lord on this, that the King sh=d= require the Governors to desire the assemblies to get y=e= people who had sufferd in their houses so by the mobs about y=e= stamps to have amends made them for the damage sustaind. L=d= Campden made objection to ye word require, & wishd it to be changed to recommend, but on L=d= Mansfields explaining that it was y=e= assemblies who were to require the money to be raised L=d= Campden assented. To ye surprize of all people the D: of Grafton & L=d= [\Dartmouth\] desired ye word might be (^recommend^). The question was put & the Ministers lost it by three. What induced them to desire the honour of losing a question I do not know. M=r= Montagu not being well enough to attend ye house of Commons I can give little account what pass_d there, but ye house sat till 4 in ye [\WORD DELETED\] [\morning/] , on some question ye Minority rose from 3 persons to
twenty five persons. Considering the House was full, 25 was as small number. Never was y=e= House more unanimous. I am sure you will be glad of ye fame L=d= Lyttelton [\has acquired/] tho he is for ye stamps which I believe is not the popular side in Ireland. The King has had a cold but is better. I was at the Dss of Ancailers last night where y=e= Peers came in late but none of ye Commons. My account is confused but it is all I could gather. L=d= Moreton made a marvellous speech more to ye amusement than edification of y=e= House L=d= Chancellor a ludicrous one. If I could have seen L=d= Lyttelton I should have had more distinct information but you might as well expect a swallows nest in y=r= chimney as a Politician in y=r= chimney corner in these times. I design for the future to addict myself intirely to the Blue Stocking philosophy which treads not the paths of ambition. I am my dear Madam always y=rs= & M=r= Veseys most Obed=t= H=ble= Serv=t=