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From our Palace in Hillstreet jany ye 8=th= My dear Sister
   To the great joy of my mind and ease & comfort of my person I am well & warmly lodged in my own habitation in Hillstreet. My dressing room is really wonderfully pretty. M=r= Adam has done his best, he has exerted much genius on the doors in emulation of his Rival Stewart. I assure you the dressing room is now just the female of the great room, for sweet attractive grace, for winning softness, for delicacy, for (\ [\le/] je ne scai quoi\) it is incomparable, upon the whole I am really well lodged, but had the rooms been hung with mock flock paper, or even with Herods cruel face in vile tapestry I sh=d= have been pleased to have got home after such a dismal cold journey. M=r= Richardson is dead at Pensacola, what are his testamentary dispositions we know
not, it is said he left a Will at Plymouth. I wish he may have left every thing to his Sister independant of her Husband who loves money better than he ought to do. The whole Town is in amazement at Lord Barry-res having disappointed the fair Lady even when she was dress_d for the Nuptials, the Parson waiting, friends assembled, & all things prepard. the expected Bridegroom sent word he was ill, refuses to admit her relations, & no one knows what is the cause of this sudden change. My Father has had an intermitting fever but is well again. My little Matt has been ill so I have not yet seen him. My Bro=r= Morris looks well. I graciously ask'd after Madams health. I am not at all the worse for my journey. we got here last night. My friend M=rs= Vesey did also get to Town that night. M=rs= Carter will be here on monday. M=rs= Boscawen came to me last night she is very happy that y=e= Dss of Beaufort
has got a fine boy. I was very fortunate in finishing my journey yesterday for this was one of ye most terrible days I ever beheld & to night the wind sounds hollow & terrible. M=rs= Freind is expected in Town to night. I could not help grieving when I came here to think my House had the honour of receiving you while I was too far off to enjoy y=r= company, & now I am come back you are gone away. fye! Monsay had the honour to cure Papas ague, for which he sets him above the deifyed Æsulapius with y=e= Golden beard.
   I am my dear Sister most affectionately
   and faithfull