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y=e= 21=st= of Ap: 1768 My Dearest
   I had a very safe journey hither but not a very pleasant one as the weather proved very untoward. Yesterday morning made amends the air being soft & fine. I found my Sister very well & I hope that she will enjoy more health here than she did at the Bath, where the Town is close & her habitation was small. The rooms here are large & airy, the soil dry, & the Sun enlivens all the rooms that are inhabited. The House does not command any prospect, but as the winter months are many in this climate, it is perhaps better for a Person constantly resident in the Country, to lose some Summer delights to have the rigor of winter mitigated. There is a vast deal of fruit, and a large good garden for legumes. The chambers are large & chearfull. The Hall is magnificent, but magnificence is not wanted. upon the whole I think my
Sister will pass her time more agreably here than she did at Bath. for a retired life in a Town is a sort of imprisonment. I am very solicitous to hear how you are in your health. I think an airing yesterday must have been more beneficial than any medicine; the air was so balsamick; & the musick of the birds, & the early verdure, give this season a softness & sweetness that is more pleasing than any thing the other parts of y=e= year can boast of. The Summer is too fervent, the autumn, as it is the decline of the year inspires one with melancholy but spring like the hopes of youth delights & chears the heart with views of succeeding pleasures & joys to come. My Sister wishes you would come to Hitcham, that she might endeavour to return the kind attentions you paid to her at Sandleford, of which she has a pleasing & gratefull remembrance. I shall return to you on saturday to dinner, however beg of you not to wait beyond four, as little accidents may
make one an hour later than the time proposed I hope M=r= Wilkes & his friends were not thrown into any state of violence yesterday.
   My Sister & Miss Arnold desire their most affectionate compliments. It will be great joy to me to find you in better health than I left you. I beg of you to be carefull of your health for the sake of my Dearest
   Your most gratefull affectionate
   and Faithfull Wife
   E: Montagu I am going to take the air & shall have double delight in the soft western breeze from thinking you are inhaling so much balsam into y=r= lungs. I believe it much better for them than ye Doctors balsamick mixtures, indeed he is honest enough to own as much.
[\ADDRESS\] To / Edw=d= Montagu Esq=r= / In Hillstreet / near
Berkely Square / London