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Thursday y=e= 12 My Dearest
   That this may find you improved and improving in health is my most earnest wish! I got safe & well to this Town, which has been in a wonderfull ferment & I fear is not likely soon to settle into good order & Tranquillity. The Judges desired time to search into their books before they determined on M=r= Wilkes's affair so it will be undeided [\SIC\] till next term in the mean time he is a head to all ye ill humours of the State & great gathering of ill humours appears. The Sailors have been very violent two of them were admitted to ye Kings presence he told them he had no authority to interpose as to their affair so they walkd off quietly but he cannot answer in like manner to M=r= Wilkes's mob for it is in his power to pardon. If the outlawry sh=d=
be determined good & legal the poor man will be Prisoner for life a hard sentence upon him, & a dangerous one to y=e= Governm=t= The D: of G-n, once his Patron & abetter, is turn_d furiously against him, & made a flaming speech on ye subject of ye libels in ye House of Lords ye other day. The Mob follow'd L=d= Spencers coach ye other day, crying, a Spencer & no Hallifax. L=d= Weymouth is thought to urge on y=e= measures against Wilkes to make himself agreable to the C-. The temper of a Court is best judged of by ye sentiments professd by such as are desirous to make themselves favorites Wilkes has ye stranguary in a terrible manner & is in very bad health. It is said that L=d= Chatham being ask_d what he thought advisable in regard to Wilkes answerd vigour without rigour. He loves ye darkness of Oracular sentences. I imagine a certain great friend of Wilkes will struggle
hard for him if the sentence sh=d= be [\BLOT\] [\hard\] severe. Most people think there is an intention beyond vigour even to rigour but all this is but conjecture, for either the Ministry is very secret or what is more probable, they are undetermined. Little Matt has had a fever but was getting better when he was at Hitcham. My Br=r= was much pleased with ye place. My Sister was ill in bed with a violent headach when I went [\SEAL\] & was quite unable to speak, so I had little of her company. The Town is very disagreable. I sent this morning to desire M=r= Wilson to call on me tomorrow or ye first leisure time he had. I am impatient to get my business done that I may return to my dear Worthy Husband & to tranquillity & rural pleasure. I hope a week will finish all my business.
   My Father & Bro=r= Charles desire their Comp=ts=. I am my dearest with y=e= highest esteem & most tender affection
   Entirely & faithfully
   y=rs= EM