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y=e= 19=th= My Dearest
   I am just come from visiting Lady Strathmore & her (\bambino\). I dined at my [\Broth DELETED                                                                                                                    \] Fathers where I found my Bro=r= William & his Wife they came yesterday she was with me yesterday evening but the Divine was too lazy to come out. They go to Burfield or rather to the Crown at Reading to reside from Saturday till tuesday. On tuesday they will come with me to Sandleford & stay till friday unless they sh=d= be obliged to return to London directly about their Law affairs. I am of y=r= opinion that the Parliam=t= seems disposed to act with rigour as well as vigour, but the rigour will be ill timed & end in disgrace or in confusion. My Father & Bro=r= Morris at dinner said they heard M=r= Lyttelton had spoke admirably
well in the H: of Commons yesterday which will make his Father very happy. The young man has excellent parts & great vivacity, a turn to business will keep him out of idle pleasures & may call forth y=e= good qualities which his infancy promised.
   I am sorry y=r= letter yesterday had no better account to give me of y=r= health. I will bring all the papers & shall better explain by word of mouth every thing relative to y=e= Lease with ye shafte's than I can do by letter. M=r= Wilson paid S=r= Sydney all that was due for interest & M=r= Woodcock allows it & so does S=r= Sidney it is only last years Coll=y= rent that is due & one year due only 2 days ago. M=r= Wilson shewd me ye account & it is plain you paid 5 years interest last year. My Bro=r= Williams children have ye hooping cough. Morris & his Wife are much pleased that I take ye little Matt down & ye Childs behaviour upon
it is ye prettiest imaginable so pleased to go & yet saying he wishes Papa & Mama w=d= come & dine with him sometimes. A motion was made by a young Man [\in ye House/] to desire ye proper officer of y=e= Crown to lay before ye House of Commons why M=r= Wilkes ye Outlaw was not taken up on his coming to England. M=r= Lyttelton gave reasons why that motion c=d= not be complied with in a manner that gave great satisfaction to all parties, & he was universally applauded. I beg the favour of you to let a pair of horses wait for me at the Crown at Reading on tuesday if they are at Reading by 9 o'clock they will be ready to take me up at one by which hour I hope to be there, & with you by four. I expect M=r= Wilson [\tomorrow/] & S=r= Sydney on saturday. My being much indisposed at first coming to Town put me back into my business thank God I am pure well now. No one yet knows what will yet be ye fate of Wilkes, it
it is surmized ye outlawry will be confirmd. I heartily wish I may find you better for the little amendment we have in ye weather. Your health was drunk with great zeal at my Fathers. With y=e= highest & most tender
   I am my Dearest
   Y=r= most faithfull
   and affect: Wife
   EM a thousand thanks for ye fine trout & Cray fish