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ye 25=th= 1768
My Dearest & best Friend
   As john will be at Sandleford soon after the post it may seem unreasonable to trouble you with a letter, & spend y=e= unnecessary three pence; however I will indulge myself in just writing you a line, & let my other letter travel by y=e= Machine [\with john/] . M=r= Stewart who calld here from Ealing, says our little Courayer walkd from thence to M=r= Shutz's and back that night, ye walk not much less going & coming than 8 miles, being told it was a long walk & he laughd & said so it was but he had a mind to see whether 88 c=d= do what 87 had done ye summer before. Is he not a fine old Buck? My Father seemd pleased with ye little stories I told him of Matts witt & drollery. I hope the Buck came good. M=r= Stillingfleet
and M=r= Black eat part of ye neck of venison with me to day. My Sister & I are to dine at my Fathers to morrow. I have sent to night to know whether my Bro=r= Morris comes to Town to morrow as was expected.
   I have letters from Northumberland that they have fine weather & a great crop of corn. M=r= Archdeacon has got ye vouchers for ye Mill & bakehouse repairs. The King of Denmarks being so ill he cannot go to York Races will be a disappointment to the people in that part of y=e= World. I intend to be with you on sunday unless M=r= King does not come to Town tomorrow he is expected to morrow or next day. I will write by y=e= Machine which will be at Newbury on saturday if I dont come till monday but if you dont hear further, please to send me a pair of horses to y=e= crown at Reading on sunday. My tenderest wishes ever attend you, wait you every hour & would to God health was as constantly in attendance upon you as the tender & gratefull love of your Faithfull affectte and
   Obed=t= Wife
   EMontagu [\IN MARGIN\] M=r= Black will be with you on sunday or monday
   without fail
[\ADDRESS\] To / Edw=d= Montagu Esq=r= / at Sandleford / near
Newbury / Berks