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Dear Sir
   I am glad to seize the opportunity of my Fathers going to Bath to thank you for your obliging letter, & to give you better news of M=r= Montagu's health, who for these ten days past has been making advances towards health. I approve y=r= motto for our friend Monseys arms, & I can tell you a little news of him, which being mixd with the name of a King, will deserve to make a part of (\les memoires pour servir a l'histoire du Grand Monsey\) , which I believe you & I must write, that ye World may have a Copy of this great Original. He invited the King of Denmark to come to his apartment, to see a mathematical instrument of some extraordinary construction or power. His Danish Majesty & his Courtiers
were afterwards, by the Doctor introduced, I know not how, nor why, into his bedchamber, where they were first saluted by the general condition of ye atmosphere in a manner which made them look about them: the first object that offer_d to view was a certain porcelaine Vessel which some people put under ye bed but by the Doctor is [\ostentatiously/] placed about a yard from it. On a chair lay a very dirty shirt, on a table an unpowderd periwig, in the window stood a basin full of ye dirt which ye Doctor had that morning washd off in order to make himself fit to appear in the Royal presence, some of this soil had been gatherd from last novembers fogs, some was ye perspiration of ye dog days, some was of y=e= smoke of winters fire, some of ye dust of Summers journeys. Near this basin lay a greasy night cap, on the floor were scatterd old shoes, dirty stockings, pocket
handerchiefs, stray stocks &c. His Danish Majesty, undoubtedly like his ancestor Hamlet stoppd & cry_d, angels & Ministers of Grace defend us! & much question'd whence [\came/] ye airs & blasts that saluted his nostrils.
   I hope the late fine weather has assisted the salutary qualities of the Bath waters & will facilitate your recovery for which I am most truly anxious. If you return from Bath any time this month, I believe you will find me at Sandleford, as M=r= Montagu is so much better, I intend to endeavour to perswade him to go to Town, if he does not go I shall easily obtain leave to go myself, & to stay there till the Winter in this cold house makes him ill enough to want a nurse, & then I shall undoubtedly return to my post; in ye mean time the chearfullness of society will give me spirits that may enable [\me/] to struggle through a dreary season. Six months that I have pass_d here, without ye least society
without any of ye pleasures ye Summer usually affords, is enough for me at a dose. I think 6 months more w=d= be mortal poison, but if M=r= Montagu's health w=d= not allow him to travel I w=d= swallow that poison. However I do not intend to undertake a [\lash\] I am so unequal to (\de gayête de Cœur\) . M=r= Montagus cough is surprizingly abated he has got a habit of lying in bed till 3, & of returning to bed between 6 & 7, but he reads all the morning & sleeps very well all night, so that lying in bed is habit & choice more than from any other cause. I think I never knew any Summer so unpleasant as this, some days allowd a walk, but few that saunter & garden reverie which one enjoys when one can sit out of doors. We have [\just DELETED\] [\almost/] made an end of our [\barley/] harvest. The Wheat sold last market from =L=11 to =L=13 a load. The barley in this Country has sufferd much from bad weather we have escaped better than most people. I hope Pig meat will be very cheap this winter, which is a great [\news\] to y=e= poor I shall rejoyce to hear of y=r= better health I am D=r= Sir y=rs= &c EM