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Thursday morn My Dear Sister
   I had the pleasure of my dear Sisters letter yesterday, & tho I have been pesterd to death with notes & letters this morning, I will just write a line to explain myself about Hitcham. It was merely for fear of precipitating y=r= going there to y=r= inconvenience that I said I w=d= go early to Sandleford, it will be much more agreable to me to come to you the moment you will take me, but I feard saying so, for ye reason abovementiond, knowing you w=d= strain y=r= poor nerves, & made y=r= poor head [\kind? DELETED\] [\ake/] out of kindness & indulgence to me. As to y=r= being settled in form I desire it not, if there be a bed to lye on, a chair to sit on, a table to write on, & my dear Sister it suffices. I w=d= not belong as many people [\do/] to the things about them for ye World. It seems to me always that
good conversation is the great elegance of life, & to be first provided for, & be assured if you get to Hitcham y=r= humble Servant will not wait till y=e= Inventory is completed. You shall let me know what is deficient in y=r= Worldly goods, & I will send down per waggon whatever is wanted. I shall send a good bed & matress, & I wish I could send pillows stuffd with the best poppies that crown the brows of Morpheus for alas! with all appurtenances & means to bed I am oft a poor sleeper. I have put self & jaws into S=r= John Pringles hands who gives me Cinnabar of antimony every night & I think I am better. I shall enquire why M=r= Coote does not appear. I know he tells every body you have his House.
   I am to dine at Papas with M=rs= M R. We met at M=rs= Bests she was humble & express'd concern at having offended. I think just as you do but implacability w=d= have been imputed & it becomes not peccable
Beings to be unforgiving & what one ought not to be one even ought to appear to be on acc=t= of example. I am to go to Macbeth to night I must dress for my early dinner so will write again soon. It is great comfort to me that ye month of April which has made so made so [\SIC\] many fools, will demonstrate me a Wise Woman as I shall leave the follies of this Town for the rational & substantial joys of friendship. The Grand Allies at Newcastle, to break y=e= lesser coalowners, have encreased their measure, which will be a great present loss & future gain to us. I detest y=e= cruelty of y=e= proceeding, & I dont like to lose in y=e= present so great a share of profit as this will affect, however I must submit to y=e= loss, but thank God shall not have any share in the sin of desiring to monopolize. My heart [\feels/] for those who have great rents to pay for
their Mine, bad coal, long leads & no Capital this is ye case of many; none of those are, thank God, ye case of y=r= H=ble= Servant, who c=d= live pretty well if there were no such Commodity as coal, & shall therefore with surviving Coal owners get y=e= better share of trade [\hereafter/] for this havock among the Brotherhood. The fools in Town will rejoyce that coal will be cheap at present not knowing these [\jocky\] tricks will lead to future scarcity. Dont mention this as I dont love to quarrel with any set of people; but I detest these proceedings or properly speaking (^Measures^) . I cannot tell how y=e= bills came to be [\Sold?\] . I gor =L=100 changed from cash at S=r= G: Colebrooks & all have been taken with=t= endorsmen=t=, you may return it I will stand y=e= hazard which is not great.
   I am my Dear Sister
   Ever most affect=ly=
   I rejoyce to think worthy Fielding will partake of our happy situation