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Hillstreet Nov y=e= 14
   Has not my dear Sylph full often heard that hope defer'd maketh the heart sick? Ever since you left us what have I wish'd for but your return! Ever since the month of [\BLOT\] [\Sept=ber=\] what have I expected but your arrival. You come not till october & then you go to Bath. I came to Hillstreet on thursday last from the North with as much warmth of friendship as if I had drop'd out of [\Comet OR Court?\] & expected to find you in the blue room, but I am told you are bathing in hot water. Pray don't make water (\succhi\) of yourself the air is rather your element than water. You are most unlike to the fat waddling duck of any creature upon Earth & yet you are always swimming. Sometimes
in hot sometimes cold sometimes salt water. M=rs= Carter wont leave Deal while you stay at Bath. Lord Lyttelton wont grow fat, & I shall not look rosy while you are there, nor before you arrive [\here/] will party animosity subside, Ministers cease to be servile or opposers to be factious. How can you live with any content at Bath while we are all in confusion here, come & compose all differences of all parties or if you cannot enjoy the bustle. The Town will be very lively this winter between the bill of rights Gentlemen & the Coterie ladies. The zealous friends of
 liberty intend to bring a bill into Parliam=t= to give leave for these choice spirits to enjoy free liberty to cohabit in such sort as may give reasonable hopes of a [\BLOT\] [\continuance of posterity\] of these ornaments of their Country.
   I had ye pleasure of seeing M=r= Burke
this morning. I find M=r= de Grey is not Lord Keeper. Poor M=r= Grenvilles death has thrown a damp on his party. I have not seen Lord Lyttelton since this melancholy event which will touch him very nearly. I have had a very bad state of health almost ever since you left us but I am now much better. I have been a remiss correspondent not from choice but writing has a very bad effect upon my stomach & I am forbidden by my Doctors even to write. I rejoyce to think I may soon hope to converse with my dear Sylph without pen & ink. I beg my best comp=ts= to M=rs= Handcock. Where is M=r= Vesey? Lady Shelburne is charm'd with Lucan. I am my dear Madam
   Ever most affect=ly= y=rs=