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My Dearest Friend
   I have still waited in hopes of laying hold of a member of Parl=mt= hand to give me franks for you but have not had a proper opportunity & at present have little opportunity being prisoner at discretion to D=r= Forthergill on account of a severe visit of ye disorder in my stomach & bowels yesterday. I am much better to day, & indeed y=e= complaint which has been very general, has been less harsh with me than with most people. I am much better to day & hope by to morrow to be quite so but must for some time keep myself warm & quiet. Our Sylph calld on me last night her stomach has been more than usually out of order but she does not abate a dish at dinner or a visit in a day on that account. She is the reverse of ye generality of ye idle World whose felicity or infelicity depends on the present hour, hers is made of future prospects. She was very impatient for my coming to London & is very uneasy at an apprehension
of my going but in the intermediate time, tho she has known that I have not been out for a week together sometimes, she has call_d but rarely & then in great haste to go to two or three other places. Her enjoyments & pains are all in some space or time in which she does not personally [\& actually/] exist.
   My health not having been very good I have as yet declined making evening parties at home & White & my Butler being absent it was not convenient.
   Thus much of my letter was written a week ago but my complaint having rather encreased for some days I thought it better you sh=d= attribute y=r= not receiving a letter from me to y=e= fault of y=e= Post than my infirmities I w=d= not write till I c=d= give a perfect good account of myself which I thank God I can now do. I have not had y=e= least fever nor any alarming symptom but y=e= fashionable disorder in ye bowels having stopp_d too suddenly D=r= Fothergill thought it safest in order to prevent disagreable consequences to ply me with purging doses, they
pass_d through me but without so much effect as was desired this morning I had a gentle dose with Calomel which has achd properly. My spirits have not flagged, my strength is not impaired & now y=e= disorder is carried off I may hope in a few days to be rather better for what has happend. So my dear Friend be quite easy, by y=e= D=rs= permission I eat a good dinner of pheasant & boild whiting. I thought it w=d= make you uneasy if I wrote [\TEAR\] account or let Secretary Gregory write it & I w=d= not deceive you as then you w=d= never have believed me again. D=r= Fothergill says all is over & that there never was ye least danger. My complaint he says was not an obstraction but an obstacle, a nice distinction tho not on a nice subject. The purging had left relicks which he judged necessary to [\carry\] off in ordinary to which he went cautiously on to teize my guts to fiddlestrings, but I am much obliged to him for his tender & infinite attention. Vesey has paid kind attentions to y=e= Invalid. My Sister
and my Gregory have been most kind nurses.
   I am in sickness or health & in y=e= present joy of recovery most sincerely affect=ly= & entirely
   y=rs= EM Saturday night.
[\ADDRESS\] M=rs= Carter / Deal