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Wensday night My dear Sister
   I had written a note [\yester DELETED\] [\to/] day to accompany y=r= cream, brown bread, & pork, but they slipt away with:=t= my note, so as I can give a good account of myself I will send it tomorrow morn: by penny post. I had a good night last night, & am better to day than I have been since my illness. The night before last I was very ill, so D=r= Fothergill changed my medicines & gave me some draughts which have done me great service. I hope time & care will set me up again, but it will be difficult to keep myself long in this quiet state, & when once my doors are open y=e= tyde is apt to set in very strong. M=rs= Cholmly has had a touch of y=e= Influenza which has threwn her
back again. Dreadfull stories are told of y=e= mortality of this disorder, but D=r= Fothergill says that he has seen few very dangerously ill, who have not exposed themselves to ye cold air. M=r= Farquahar for want of timely [\care/] keeps his bed & is very bad. My family is getting better except Mary White who began to be ill only to day, she is very robust & I believe will not be long indisposed, & she is not so ill as to interrupt her attendance on me. Betty Tull who arrived to night gives me great pleasure by telling how usefull my pottatoes are to ye Poor, you must know that to y=e= poor they are sold by gallon or peck cheaper than per Bushel to y=e= Shops so that y=e= poor come 4 or 5 miles to buy them. Woodhouse writes me word he has taken between 14 & 15 =L= in this retail [\way OR pay\] & I hope that has made as much stomach stuffing for poor Children as 3 times y=e= money in bread.
the poor much rejoyce in my pottatoe shop. What a poor story is human life when one of y=e= best chapters in a good Womans history is retailing pottatoes? Love to Miss A:
   Ever most affect=ly=
   EM I am afraid y=r= influenza was y=e= worse for y=r= coming abroad