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Feb 2=d=
[\IN PENCIL 1786?\]
My very dear Sister
   I believe you guess_d very truly, that our Frend [\SIC\] the Reorder [\SIC\] had not made any application to have the office of a Master in Chancery; as (\Otium cum dignitate\) I wish'd it for him, & I think he w=d= have had a superiority over most of his Brethren, both on account of his talents, & long practise at ye Bar. I did not know whether M=r= Pitts desire to have Morris in Parl=t= might not have induced him to apply to y=e= Chancellor on this occasion. I am far from believing the young Man w=d= make a great figure in y=e= H: of Commons, for with very good parts, great memory, & much reading, he is remarkably deficient in every qualification for a Popular speaker however it would be best for him to be call_d forth into the World before his Singularities have had time to gather full strength. I suppose you may before this time have had fuller information of Miss Barwells affair than I can give you, as I know few persons acquainted with y=e= family, but I have, since I mentiond it to you, been told, the amorous pair were found in a dirty Inn at or near Dartford, where they had pass_d 3 days, & I presume nights together The Gallant most basely charged y=e= fair one with having from y=e= first made y=e= advances, & urged y=e= elopement; his apologies
rather aggravate than extenuate his quilt, for it is easier for a Man to resist the solicitations of another passions than his own I hear he is a great fool, & I am sure he must be a great scoundrel [\he\] married a great fortune, or at least a Woman with a fortune superior to his own. I find poor Miss Barwell was suspected to have an amourous disposition, & y=e= men now say, they are not surprized at what has happen'd. She had a little while before this exploit settled herself at a M=rs= Gordons, who takes young Ladies to board with her. Some say M=r= Barwell, when he [\brought?\] her back, put her under ye care of D=r= Monro in which I think he did very wisely, for bleeding & a low diet w=d= do her good & a strait wastecoat c=d= do her no harm. I hear M=r= Barwells Wife is very pretty, but not so beautifull as y=e= Nymph who lived in his Park on whom he is said to have settled 3000=L= a year which indeed he may well afford, if as y=e= World says, he brought 800,000=L= from India. Our Cousin Botham regretted not finding you at Catton, he intends to go this week to see Ad=l= Derbys at Newtown, he may lett so much of ye Land that his Rent will be only 40=L= a year for y=e= House. The Ad=l= will keep ye Woods in his hands so M=r= Botham will have some
very pleasant walks in them without expence. the Kitchen garden is not large, there is good wall fruit, the Ad=l= did not keep a Gardener constantly. I sh=d= have [\thought/] a box nearby London w=d= have been more eligible for y=e= Young Man. I believe he is not very rich. L=d= Maccartney is come home with clean hands. he abstain_d from pomp & luxury, & saved all y=e= income of his appointments except what was necessary to support him decently; he refused all presents & perquisites. He has brought home good health & good spirits, & Lady Maccartney looks so happy it is delightfull to see it. What contentions may arise [\between?\] his Lordship & M=r= Hastings one cannot tell. Some say they both wish to return invested with y=e= Government of Bengal under new regulations. The Archbishop of Yorks Son distinguishd [\SEAL\] [{himself{] by such wise conduct as is very uncommon in a young Man, & so disinterested as is extraordinary in any Man. I have been [\p...\] [\SEAL\] S=r= Williams legacy, & have his mourning ring on my finger. I dare say y=e= drunken Porter carried your Turkey where y=e= Hare was [\due\], & well might those who got ye fine bird say, exchange is no robbery. Your Turkey was heartily eaten, & as heartily praised. at my table, by a large company of which Montagu & his dear little wife were a part. I am to dine with them to day, only our dear selves. All my acquaintance have left their names at M=rs= Montagus & as many as have seen her are charmd with her, indeed she is a charming creature, & has an ease & politeness of manner fit to make a figure on ye great World with all ye virtues for domestick life, & I think I may truly say Montagu is worthy of such a Wife. I admire Monseys Visit to his Senior y=e= Oak. By a letter I received
[\IN MARGIN\] from my L=d= Primate 10 days ago I imagine he w=d= have been in Town by this time if his House in Conduct Street had been fit for his reception, but ye alterations are not compleated. Miss Frances Bowdler dined with me on monday, she is pretty well & gave a good account of her Mothers health the Doctor tells me he is very happy now he has quelled his profession & his Brother is no less pleased that he has done the same. I am going to make [\IN MARGIN\] enquiries on a vulgar subject. Pray is not there a particular kind of Soap for cleaning silk stockings or washing blonde & what name does it go by. We had a very pleasant dinner a few days ago at M=r= Raikes. Give my love to dear Miss Arnold & my respects to M=r= Freeman. The Recorder looks well he calld here for a moment. I am ever most affect=ly= y=rs= EMontagu
[\ADDRESS\] M=rs= Scott / Catton / near / Norwich