Boscawen, Frances


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Personal and family information

Personal information

Person ID FB
Sex Female
First Name Frances
Last Name Glanville
Married name Boscawen
Spouse Edward Boscawen
Spouse's Rank [Upper gentry]
Spouse's Title Admiral
Year of Marriage 1742
Life span 86
Year of Birth 1719
Year of Death 1805


Father William Evelyn Glanville
Father's Rank Lower gentry
Father's Title [Esquire]
Mother Frances Glanville

Domicile region and Migration

Place of Birth (Town)

Town Kent

Domicile Region

Address Town County Country From To Notes
[St Clere] near Wrotham Kent England [1719] - 1

1 After Frances Boscawen's mother died and her father remarried, Frances spent much of her childhood with relatives, for example her great-uncle John Evelyn.


Address Town County Country From To Notes
Glan Villa Enfield [Middlesex] England 1772 1787 1
Hatchlands Park East Clandon Surrey England 1749 - 2
George Street London Middlesex England 1742 - 3
14 South Audley Street London Middlesex England [1761] 1805 4
Rosedale Richmond Surrey England 1787 5

1 Frances Boscawen rented a Cottage in Enfield between 1772 and 1787.

2 The Boscawens moved to Hatchlands Park in Surrey in 1749 and several years later built a new home there, which was designed by Robert Adam.

3 After her marriage to Admiral Boscawen the newlyweds settled to a small house in George Street.

4 Frances Boscawen hosted her Bluestocking gatherings at South Audley Street. She also died at South Audley Street.

5 Frances Boscawen moved to Rosedale in 1787.

Social Information

Social Class

Rank Upper gentry
Title -
From -
To -

Social Mobility


Letter writer, literary hostess and patron to several writers of her time.



Institution -
Highest Degree -
From -
To -


Frances Boscawen was considered a learned woman, but little is known of her education.

Languages known



Bibliography IDs

Eger, 2004; Eger, [2015]; Sairio, 2009


Frances Boscawen's husband travelled a lot due to his position in the navy. Frances Boscawen was known in literary London as a model letter writer and conversationalist and she was praised for her wit and warm heart.

Sent letters

No letters

Received letters

Letter ID Year From To
BC_1753_EMONTAGU_FB 1753 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Boscawen, Frances
BC_1759_EMONTAGU_FB 1759 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Boscawen, Frances
BC_1766_EMONTAGU_FB 1766 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Boscawen, Frances
BC_1769_EMONTAGU_FB 1769 Montagu, Elizabeth (née Robinson) Boscawen, Frances