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[\ADDED 1740\]
Hon'd Madam
   I am [\always/] very glad to hear from you, the diversions of my present way of life often prevent my writing to my Father & you as I ought to do, but I hope when I get into the Country I shall be able to imploy my time in that respect more according to my duty & inclination, I am much obliged to my father for his concern for my health I think the cold Bath will prove the means of establishing it, Sandys who comes to visit me [\to DELETED\] continually to see if his Bathing prescription [\Prescripti DELETED\] agrees with me says my pulse is much alter'd by it, & the Guide at the Bath says I am vastly stronger than I was at first going in, I am indeed as much better as is possible, & must devise some means
Of sousing in the Country, here I go in every day & as I told you it is very expensive, by the [\Month\] it is more reasonable but the uncertainty of our stay in Town besides the chance of its disagreeing which one is never a judge of at first & the many accidents of cold &c which render it improper made it very improper for me to make a bargain for a term as long again as I could stay in Town, but as it is I must have recourse to my Brother Morris whom I have not seen this age, for he is so busy & I am so idle we seldom meet. I sent a message to M=rs= Knight & the family the morning after they came to Town, in an hour after I had a line from her to tell me she should be glad to see me when I pleased, upon which the Dutchess set me down at her door the same morning she received me with much civility but it was so constrain'd that I was sorry for her sake that She had neither Sincerity nor dissimulaty
there is a fine contrast between her & the friend I am with, you know upon these occasion my backbone straitens & stiffens much, all I could do I could not talk, so I was forced to say I wanted Spirits & by good fortune I had been up very late the night before at Vauxhall so I did not look as fresh as I have done lately, with which I believe she was much delighted, for she said she had hear'd so much of [\TEAR\] [{my{] looking [\TEAR\] [{we{]ll that she could not peceive so g[{reat?{] [\TEAR\] an [\TEAR\] [{altera{]tion, I made her an afternoon visit [\TEAR\] on saturday for fear she shou'd say that now I ke[{ep{] [\TEAR\] company with great folks I did not remember little ones; Miss Brodnax & I walk'd that afternoon in the Park & all the Gentlemen of my acquaintance have laugh'd at me for picking out such a foil; We go out of Town on Sunday, I dined at Dover Street last Sunday, & put on my new head, it is extreamly hansome, very broad & the lace has more thin work in it than has been made till this year, which makes it more beautifull than when they were as thick as Cambrick, My Duty to my Pappa & I am madam your most Dutifull
   Daughter ER
[\ADDRESS\] To / M=rs= Robinson / At Mount Morris / near Hythe /