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Bullstrode Dec: y=e= 23=d=
  As in Town I interrupted your business with my letters I am now going to break in upon your leisure, as Ease is what you prefer to employment I dont know whether you may not think my last impertinence the worst, especially as you have an Art to dignity & adorn you Leisure, Apropos M=rs= Pendarves wants much to see you, to take fresh instruction & show you what she has done by the assistance of that you have already given her.
   I wish I could send you the first news of the decision of the Westminster Election, but we had not any account of it to day, Your friends have behaved shamefully, they have deserted just when they had the Majority on their side, they are all gone to eat brawn in the Country & let Political matters take care of themselves: the Princes affair is to be put off till after y=e= Holydays. The Revolution of Russia was brought about by the french, our Ministers advised the Czars party of the Conspiracy
Half a year ago but they thought we only did it [\And sent a List of the Conspirators/] to make them embrace a treaty with us more readily the Czarina Elizabeth is supposed to be married to Prince Nariskini [\who is now at Paris,/] she is a very Gallant Lady, more attach'd to Love than to Empire, but Fortune wooing [\her/] she can give denial to no Suitor, so according to the Courtesy of her Nature yeilds to his entreaty. Admiral Haddock says he thinks he is not a match for the Spaniards but that he will encounter them & sell himself as dear as he can, I like not this whole sale trade of Ambition where you must change away Honour or Life, with=t= y=e= first a Man is worse than nothing, without y=e= second nothing, for I think [\WORD INTO y=e=\] Existence of fame is very chimerical, it is foolish enough to dye for the honour of three or four Syllables, & at last the difference between the Reputations of Alexander the Great & his Bucephalus & of Don Quixote & Rosinante signifies nothing to poor Alexander or Bucephalus. Alderman Parsons's fine Daughter is run away with a Welldoest Irishman to the great greif
And disappointment of that true Widow her Mother who design'd him for herself. D=r= Mead's son is married to Miss Nanny Gore. My information concerning Lord Foley was wrong, for it seems he is not going to be married. M=r= Harley is here now, & desires his compliments to you. Fevers & colds are much about, of the latter we had many here, the Children & most of the Servants have been ill: the Dutchess to my great satisfaction is perfectly well. We go [\SEAL\] [{to{] London y=e= 4=th= of january y=e= 6=th= I propose to set out to you at Horton. I beg my Duty to my Mamma & Love to my Bro=rs= & Sister. All here desire their compliments y=e= Dss in particular.
   I am
   Your most Dutifull Daughter
   E Robinson
[\ADDRESS\] To / Matt: Robinson Eq=r= / At Mount Morris / Near Hythe / Kent / Free / Portland