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Friday Aug. 6. 1742 Dear Madam
   I return your Grace a thousand thanks for your letter, the good wishes of a friend are of themselves a happiness, & believe me I have always thought myself the nearer being happy because I knew you wish'd me so; if your affection to me will last as long as my love & gratitude towards you I think it will stay with me till the latest moment I shall have in this World: no alteration of circumstance or length of time can wear out my gratefull Remembrance of your favours to me, you have a station in my heart from whence you cannot be driven while any one virtue lives in it, truth, constancy, gratitude & every honest affection guard you there. M=r= Montagu desires me to make his compliments to my Lord Duke & your Grace with many thanks for the favour his Grace designs him of a visit which he is not willing to put off so long as our return
from Yorkshire but will be glad of the honour of seeing the Duke on monday at Seven o'clock in Doverstreet, & I hope at that most happy hour to have the pleasure of seeing you, we shall spend that Evening in Town. If you will be at home to morrow at two o'clock I will spend an hour with you; but pray send me word to Jermynstreet at Eleven whether I can come to you without meeting any person at Whitehall but the Duke, to every one else pray deny your Dressing Room. [\DELETED BY LATER HAND My Mamma tells me she has order'd a Servant to carry home the Sermons. I am very angry you should imagine I would not answer your letter. I must put an end to my letter for my Mamma has order'd her Coach.\] M=r= Freind will tell your Grace I behaved magnanimously, not one cowardly tear I assure you did I shed at the Solemn Altar, my mind was in no mirthfull mood indeed, I have [\indeed DELETED\] a great hope of happiness; the World as you say speaks well of M=r= Montagu, & I have many obligations to him which must gain my particular esteem, but such a change of life must furnish one with
a thousand anxious thoughts. (\Adieu\) my dear Lady Dutchess whatever I am I must still be with gratitude affection & fidelity,
   Eliza: Montagu
[\DELETED BY A LATER HAND? Friday Aug y=e= 6=th=\] [\ADDED 1742\]
[\M=r= Montagu & my Sister charge me with their particular complim=ts= to the Duke & your Grace. DELETED\]
[\ADDRESS\] To / Her Grace / The Duchess of Portland