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y=e= 4=th= [\TEAR\] Dear Madam
   It is long since I have given my self the pleasure of Writing to you, we Invalids think more of how we do than of what we do; I am now endeavouring to gain a stock of health, & like those we call provident neglect present pleasure for the hopes of future. I think I may now say I am really better than when I came, & that I seem in a way to recover health, but do not as yet enjoy it in any perfect degree. I am still undetermined as to the time of staying here, for tho my Inclination points strongly towards London I must wave all consideration for that necessary ingredient to all happiness call'd health, & must be content with gaining that one point as it is so Essential an one. I suppose I shall Come to Town just when Old fashion people used to leave it to gather Cowslips in the Country. I am not surprized at what you say of a certain Persons gayety & spirits Constitution does for them more than Religion
[\TEAR\] [{&?{] philosophy can do for others; this happy insensibility [\TEAR\] to be envy'd, this Person has made a Paradise of the World & has thro' life gathered the Sweet without feeling the thorn. how blest a Condition to enter into the joys of all relations without feeling a pang at their dissolution! M=r= Montagu was in great pain to know how they would bear the shock, I answerd the better for not feeling it. but this between ourselves only. When I wrote last to you I was in wretched spirits, I am now better in that respect as well as others. I have moved my lodging to Orange Court & have got a very pleasant habitation a prospect of the Hills, a village, & the River which last murmurs very agreably and makes me forget I am not in the Country which I could always wish for part of the day. We have still a good deal of Company Lady Bateman Lady Albemarle Lady Huntingdon Lady Lucy & Lady Jane Stanhope, M=rs= Pitt your Spa Acquaintance Lady Portland Lady B: Egerton Lady Sophia Grey. as to the Dutchess of Kent she does not come out so can hardly be reckond one of the Company
As to fine Men they are scarce, the Duke of Bolton is here with M=rs= Beswick & all his Illegitimate Issue. The Coffee House is really grown sprightly. We meet M=rs= Pit M=rs= G: Trevor Lady Lucy Stanhope & a few more & we are often very merry & sit round the fire after other people go away. M=rs= Pitt is really very sensible & agreable. I believe I told you M=rs= Freind had innoculated her Son, he is now quite Well [\SEAL\] but [\TEAR\] [{this?{] formidable distemper has kept us from [{the?{] [\SEAL\] agreable Society. M=r= Freind I hear went to Town this week, I dare say in great spirits to think of the happy way he left his Son in, just recovering from a distemper the very fear of which enslaves people all their lives. M=rs= Knight is here & designs to stay till April & then returns again to Bristol. I am sorry to hear Miss Chudleigh is so ill again. I thought she lookd well when she went from Bath. M=r= Montagu & my Sister desire their complim=ts= Miss [\Grinfeild OR Grisfeild\] desires her humble Service with great respect. My Complim=ts= attend M=r= & M=rs= Percival & y=e= good little Pere
   I am Dear Mad=m= / Yours most sincerely / E Montagu
[\ADDRESS\] To / Mrs Donnellan / At the Hon=ble= P. Percivals / In Hanover Square / London / Free / Edw: / Montagu.