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[\ADDED y=e= 25=th= June 1748\]
My Dear Sally
   I am return'd from dining with my honoured Father. he was dress'd very beauish & fine to make his appearance at Ranelagh. We have been very busy in getting things here in order for next winter, as to the furniture it cannot be put up in the middle floor on account of the Floors not being laid & the last painting not being done, but as things will be ready to put into y=e= House when we come to Town a short time will finish. your apartment (which in your absence [\we INTO We\] have presumed to inhabit) is really very pleasant. Dettemere will get your things as soon as she is able, but she is still extreamly ill, the day I came to Town she had such a violent convulsive Hiccup after every thing she eat or drank that I fear'd she w=d= be choaked, & fainting & Hysterick fits have not been wanting. it is a Melancholly affair that she may now be persecuted with Duns & I know not what. she loved her Husband extreamly but as they had not been together of so long a time I hope she will not feel the loss so severely after the first shock is over. her friends had foolishly concealed M=r= Dettemeres death from her so that she
knew nothing of it till she had her Daughters letter which I assure you was very kind & generous & the poor Girl has really some excell=t= qualities: her Mother will write to her as soon as she can command herself so as not to write too melancholly: she is mightily pleased with y=e= letters Betty has wrote her. I have not yet had time to see Miss Grinfield but I hear she is much liked at Court both by the Princesses & y=e= Attendants I was with her one Evening before I left Town, her Room is small but looks very prettily on y=e= Park & I hope she will live comfortably. I attempted to see Cotes but she was not at home but I am to go to her tomorrow.I shall go out of Town on Thursday, to my great & inexpressible joy. I tell you as a secret that I have consulted D=r= Shaw being not a little discontent at y=e= last return of my disorder, he says my liver ails, nothing but all my complaints arise from a sharp scorbutick disorder & he is to put me in a method for it: he talks very reasonably & tho he proposes a disagreable method I shall submit to it; he does not order blistering & bleeding but I am to be sweated but keep this a secret for I w=d= not mention it to my Father. nor w=d= I have the Doctors at Bath informed of it.
I have several heats come out on me & he is to procure me a good rash if he can, & then he assures me I shall neither be sick nor nervous. after my sweating fit is over I am to drink asses Milk ride on Horseback & grow fat & jolly. I am now thinner than ever so the reformation will be great if I grow fat. My Brother Morris was here last night, he looks very well. My Brother Robinson had a very pleasant journey to Aix. Where I dare say he will have a great deal of pleasure. there will be a great concourse of people of all Nations & Lord & Lady Sandwich are extreamly obliging to him & by their means he may be introduced into y=e= best company. I perswaded him much to go & hope it will be very agreable [\BLOT\] M=r= Flower sent y=r= pumps yesterday I did not pay for them on acc=t= of his raising y=e= price. My best complim=ts= to Lady Bab.
   I am
   Your affec=t:= Sister
   &c &c &c
[\ADDRESS\] To Miss Robinson / At M=r= Purdies / in Orange Court / Bath / Free / Edw: / Montagu.