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Saturday y=e= 20=th= [\ADDED feb\]
[\ADDED 1750\]
My Dear Sister
   I should have wrote to you sooner if M=r= Montagu's indisposition had not prevented me, thank God he is well again, but has had a grievous cough; he had two fits of Coughing in which he [\WORD DELETED\] would have fallen off his chair if I had not caught him, but a large blister carried off his cough, & he had not any fever or other complaint attending him, but really there could not be any thing more alarming than those terrible fits of Coughing. he had a cold when I receivd your letter but as he seem'd not at all affected [\with? INTO by> it in Spirits, sleep, or appetite, I was not at all apprehensive till those 2 fits. I did not imagine you had heard of his illness or I w=d= have wrote an immediate acc=t= of his being better, for I know you w=d= be concernd both for him, & me. Indeed the last fit frighten'd me so much that I had an Hysteric fit which I had not had of a year & half, & have not been very well since
I was a little feverish for some days, but that is gone off, & I had but one sick fit which I think as my stomach has never been quite well is being as cheap off as I could hope, after so great a fright. M=r= Montagu goes out to take the air every day & if the weather was not so rainy w=d= go out as usual, but I think it is better for him not to venture abroad too soon, & he has always some Company at home every day. M=rs= Cotes was so good as to come while he had his blister; I had something to do to get him to try such a troublesome remedy, but as it has been so successfull, I hope that sh=d= he have another cough as bad, he w=d= more readily submit to it. he was blooded after y=e= first fit, but not with so good success as the blister. M=rs= Knight dined with us the beginning of this week, she is very happy in her situation at Kensington. I am told that Lady Bab wrote to Betty Pitt to enquire when she design'd leaving her place, the poor Creature has been so ill she could not write, D=r= Hebberden & M=r= Hemet the toothdrawer have attended her one applyd
To her Constitution the other to her Gums. She has had such a swelld face that she c=d= not see out of her Eyes & has been in exquisite pain, one tooth was drawn to day & she is something better, so will be able to answer Lady Babs letter. but I would desire you to tell her Ladyship if she has any view of getting her a good place I sh=d= be extreamly glad of it, for I think the Stoves hurt her health, & on that acc=t= offerd her an addition to her Wages if she got another place in order to assist her Child at Nurse, but she was not willing to go. I could not make her upper Housemaid for [\tho/] she is a good Creature & means well, she is so careless in matter of Cleanliness, & so apt to break things, I sh=d= have had my best furniture spoild if it had been under her management. I beg if Lady Bab can get her a good place she will let me know it, for I w=d= not on any account hinder her & w=d= still contribute to the keeping her boy, & [\it/] could not be any manner of inconvenience to me to part with her.
I think with much pleasure of our approaching meeting, & shall prepare to go out of Town with great alacrity as soon as the time approaches. I was not under any apprehension ab=t= the Earthquake, but went that night to the Oratorio, then quietly to bed; but the Madness of the Multitudes was prodigious, near 50 of the people I had sent to to play at Cards here, y=e= Saturday following [\went\] out of Town to avoid being swallow'd, & I believe they made a third part of the number I ask'd, so that you may imagine how universal the fright must be; the Wednesday night the Oratorio was very empty, tho it was the most favorite performance of Handels. My Brother Willy according to his laudable custom is gone to the Play, I exhort him to take his fill of prophane delights before he puts on his Canonicals, he looks very handsome & is in good spirits. Morris & the Captain are both out of Town; the Capt: has been at Newmarket Races. M=rs= Bothams newborn Son has had two Convulsion fits so that I fear he may not live
If he does he will be a pious Christian as I have taken upon myself to instruct him. I suppose M=rs= Delany may be at Bath by this time pray make my Comp=ts= to her when you see her. M=rs= Yorke is gone into the Country again, she was very happy in Whisk & agreable people while she Staid. You will wonder to hear I play at Brag, but it is a game so adapted to my capacity I cannot resist it. To say y=e= truth I have not playd very often but just enough to give myself the air of a Card player. M=r= Montagu desires his complim=ts= to you & Lady Bab, I desire mine to her Ladyship. I shall wish for the Month of May, & be willing to allow it all the merit the Poets give it when it brings me the pleasure of seeing you. Pray let me have y=r=
[\TEAR\] [{...{]issions if you want any thing before I lea[{ve{] [\TEAR\]
[\TEAR\] [{To{]wn. I am Dear Sister yours most affection[{ately{] [\TEAR\]
   E Montagu
[\ADDRESS\] To / M=rs= Robinson / At Lady Barbara M[{ontagu{] [\TEAR\] / At / Bath / Free / Edw: / Montagu