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[\IN PENCIL 1750 Mar. [\13\] 1749/50\]
   I am infinitely obliged to your Grace for enquiring after me in this time of fright & Consternation. Many people have left & are still leaving London for which I cannot blame them as the Earthquakes have been most terrible in this part of the World & I will agree with your Grace that for Sin & Sulphur this Town is indeed a perfect Pandemonium. but as the change of Climate has been very remarkable every where I imagine it by no means certain that other parts of England may not feel this distemper of the Earth. We cannot certainly make any Estimation of the degree of danger that attends these shocks. the powers of nature are so little understood by [\it? INTO us\] ; as for those who fly from hence under the apprehension of an impending judgment of the Town I think them the least reasonable as we may be sure that any [\immediate/] punishment from the Divine Being is but a distant mercy; his exercise of power being always to end in good; the Clergy take [\this? INTO the\] opportunity of this Panic to denounce Divine Vengeance if it may lend [\in\] the reformation of peoples lives it will have a happy effect, but I fear it will be of very short influence, for there wants not Earthquakes to [\threaten to/] swallow Human Creatures when we all know the Grave must in a few years open to receive us. I suppose your Grace has had many accounts of the Earthquakes & I will give you mine that you may compare with what others say they heard or felt. [\WORD DELETED\] [\At\] the first I was in [\TEAR\] [{my?{]
Dressing Room writing my accounts at a Desk when I was alarmed with a violent noise as if a Cart of Horses had been overturn'd into the Room under me & then the Room shook very much. I thought the House falling & calld the Ser=ts= who said the Vaults were falling in, on which thinking my self not considerable enough for so large a Monument I bad a Ser=t= call my Chairmen & another [\to/] [\WORD INTO go\] [\to/] our [\UNCLEAR\] the instant they opend the Hall Door they saw great Consternation in the Street & the People our Houses seem_d to nod at them, my Chairmen were in a Street just by & the same appeard there so then convinced it was a universal danger I returnd to my Chamber. Tho we seem_d to shake so much none of my china fell down but in the House keepers Room where china & Dessert glasses were very near each other they jingled extreamly. The last Earthquake was Dreadfull; at first there was a noise equal to the report of a Cannon which awakend one & then the Ground seem_d to rise then to seek & afterwards succeeded the Horistontal shaking which was so violent one wonderd it did not shake down the Houses. the Sashes Clatter'd the china on the chimney peices rang & ones bed seemd to roll, it was short but terrible. I must own I was rejoyced when it was over. the first Earthquake was not felt by those who were
Not in Houses but this seem_d terrible to the [\Centiads\] in the Park & to all who were abroad. the utmost extent of this has been about 124 miles & most Violent on one side the River. the Spring tides were never known so high, & the lights in the sky were very remarkable about a week before each Earthquake. D=r= Monroe says he [\say INTO saw\] a ball of fire as he was walking in his Garden during the time of the Earthquake. Lord Winchelsea says that there was an Earthquake at his House at Eastwell in Kent this day Sennight, I can hardly give faith to it as his House is still standing for I have long thought if one of the Rats in it had taken a jump it might have endangerd the Edifice. I am very glad Lord Canarvon has succeeded to his wishes, your Graces zeal for every thing that relates to him is suitable to the goodness of your general disposition which must be still warmd by his near relation to his Excellent Grandfather. M=r= Montagu is just come from the House he begs his comp=ts= to y=r= Grace, he has brought home company who expect me to carve their dinner or I should not so soon put an End to my letter
   I am
   Your Graces
   Most Obliged
   And most faithfull
   Humble Ser=t=
   E [\TEAR\] [{Montagu{] tuesday ten o'clock.