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[\ADDED 1757, CHANGED INTO 1758\]
My Lord
   I have this moment received your Lordships most kind & friendly congratulations on my late recovery, [\TEAR [{&?{] tho the post is just setting out I cannot help returning you immediate the imperfect thanks for your goodness [\TEAR\] [{to{] me. Nothing can give this life so high a price as [\TEAR\] [{to?{] find such as Lord Lyttelton interest themselves in ones [\TEAR\] [{preservation{] . As to my fainting fits they are not alarming, being what I was used to from infancy, & had more frequently when I had stronger health. I have great confidence that this accident will be of service to me, my Newcastle Doctor is one of y=e= best physicians in England of great note & eminence in this part of ye World, & to a remarkable genius has joind great practise & experience, & is infinitely carefull of his patients, so that of Human help I have ye best that can be, but my reliance is on that Providence that has so miraculously preserved me, not for my own sake but for the worthy friends who interest themselv[{es{] [\TEAR\] for me, & of whose care may that Providence make [\TEAR\] [{me?{] worthy! This accident has shewn me how dear I am to [\TEAR\] [{my?{]
Friends whose letters have express_d more regard than I can merit. I dined with some company we had yesterday & was not fatigued by it, but I make no visits nor receive any of mere form, for my Doctor is very carefull, & in ye Northern phrase "says" he wont have me harrassd & fatigued for trifles & (^babbles^), & he has told all my neighbors I can neither visit nor be visited. My good widow is with me. A thousand thanks for your good wishes & prayers in which I have great confidence
   If aught below y=e= Seats divine
   can touch immortals tis a Soul like thine! I received ye Deans letter very safe. My eye is much better, I should not be contented with writing this short scrawl if I had time for more. With ye sincerest gratitude
   I am
   your Lordships
   Most Obligd & Faithfull
   E Montagu M=r= Montagu begs his comp=ts= & thanks to y=r= Lordship.