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Tunford y=e= 6=th= of Nov
   My Dear Sister will be glad to see I am on y=e= road to London where I hope to arrive on thursday night. Since I wrote to you I was attack_d by a disorder in my bowels which tho it went off with a short confinement having only kept my room a week yet it alarm'd me as it began like y=e= epidemical diarrhea which had carried of great numbers in [\ye/] Neighbourhood M=r= Montagu was so frightend he desired I w=d= go to Town as soon as I was able to travel, indeed it is time I sh=d= be in Winter quarters for the hoarseness which was occasiond by ye (\eau de luce\) is very bad a cold or damp day affects my voice extreamly & I have
A troublesome cough in other respects I am very well. M=r= Montagu politely accompanied me 3 days journey, but his business not being all done he returnd this morning We lay at Ferry Bridge last night. I left y=e= Post chaise at Carr ville that he might have it to travell to Town in, so I am in y=e= body Coach, but my horses are so stout I believe they will perform y=e= journey from Carrville to London in 7 days. M=r= Tom Pitt nephew to Miss Pitt with a young Gentleman a friend of his calld to make me a visit at Carr ville a few days before I was to set out for London, they left us y=e= day before we were to depart, but as they staid to see the Cathedral at Durham &c We met at y=e= Inn y=e= first night
They intimated they wishd we w=d= send our Maids into their post chaise & take them into y=e= Coach which we did, and we are now going on in the same fashion but as M=r= Montagu has now left us I have taken ye fair Susan into y=e= Coach, which I fancy my young Men do not much dislike as she is a good object for a (\vis a vis\) . My Gentlemen leave me at Stilton from whence they go to Cambridge. Pray have you seen any thing of Miss Mary Pitt. How M=rs= Ann in her health? Is she to return to Leicester house or stay at Bath. You may believe I am glad I am so far of my journey to Town tho I shall be distressd there for want of an housekeeper & also of Clarke whom I left at Carrville to
attend M=r= Montagu to whom he is very usefull in many respects, particularly in looking after y=e= furniture of M=r= Rogers house in Newcastle which is now to be divided. M=r= Montagu has purchased all y=e= Jewels for me, & to day intimated he sh=d= give me a great purse of old gold which fell to his share in division some of y=e= peices are curious but there will be between 60 & 70=L= of money that one may spend with a good conscience. I am afraid you will think I have been very idle, as a correspondent of late but I had so many things to do before my setting forward & was for some time so ill I c=d= not write. My best respects attend Lady Bab. I rejoyce you are well enough to go to make visits. I cannot believe, [\why\] the report concerning M=rs= P & M=r= A-. it is surely impossible. but a rich Widow cannot speak to a man but y=e= World marries her to him.
   I am d=r= Sister Ever y=rs=