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If I had not been a strange kind of Woman & had not lived in a Strange kind of place calld London I sh=d= certainly have answerd y=r= first letter & signified my approbation of & notified my thanks for the post parcell of painted flowers which were very pretty these last were beautifull & I am impatient to put them on my black [\jack OR sack?\] , but must wait till I hear another account of Lady Catherine [\Gardermot\] who is very sick & I fear designs I sh=d= wear sack cloth & ashes for 6 weeks. I assure you if my workfolks are to be paid as you mention they will be distinguishd from the rest of the Country by their embonpoint, & so far will even the strictest application be from working their fingers to the bone, that their fingers will grow the more fleshy for it. pray let M=rs= [\Patello\] have more profit & we will be satisfied with less pay for as you
Observe the great matter is to have constant employm=t=. As to M=r= Scott I have curiously enquired after his situation & I believe he is not just now in any employment, but he is to be a Commissioner of excise the first vacancy. I did not care to say any thing of him till he was again in place least it sh=d= give you any anxiety but he is certainly to be provided for immediately & (probably) has a present pension. I am very uneasy about M=rs= [\Sawbridge\] why does not she come to Town to her Sisters where she w=d= have all the accommodation in her power & might have the best advice, for really her not being perfectly well is very alarming as such a state must prevent her taking exercise & all the means of health. I wish she w=d= make M=r= Ford write the whole of y=e= case to her Sister who w=d= consult D=r= Shaw & whoever they thought proper. I beg you to make her consider of all this & as soon as the weather is milder the
Properest safest thing is that she come to London & you know her Sister will be more glad to see her & enjoy her company by her fireside than can be expressd. I am just returnd from S=r= Sidney Smiths in Bloomsbury Square, I had y=r= letter just before I set out so c=d= not sit down to answer it & the second bell was ringing as I came home so till next post adieu My Dearest Sister
   Ever y=rs= I am in perfect health. you shall soon have more work better pack'd. I fear y=e= [\taffetys\] w=d= not answer from y=e= price they bear at Deptford but if I can get any cheap will send them. there was but 2 [\gause\] workd hoods, finishd when I left Sandleford & what was added after by M=rs= Morgan who (to her shame be it spoken) packed up the box were only [\catgut hoods\] which ye work folks had not finishd.