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Newcastle ye 24=th=
   I was totally incapable of thanking my Dear M=rs= Carter for her letter last post by an outrageous pain in my teeth & face. I am now in a state of stupidity enliven'd with a little pain. I have the weight of a great cold, with the twitchings of the toothach. I think I have prepared you to expect a very dull letter but I cannot longer delay telling you how anxious my mind is about you. I thank you for the sonnet which would have given me a pleasing melancholly if it had not represented (^your^) state & condition, as it did, it cost me some tears & obliged me to go from table where I received your letter. Teach me to love you less or imitate you better. I admire the resignation with you submit to your pain, but the more I admire the less I practise it. I grew impatient at the sufferings of my patient friend. Cannot you hope for assistance from Physicians? does not your patience make you neglect remedies?
I have in the main very well endured my Northumberland life. M=r= Montagu by great diligence and application has brought our most important affairs near a conclusion, & when they are finish'd I shall be dismiss'd from these cold regions. Almost every day since I came hither we have had a tempest of wind & rain. As I came so late in the year, & for so short a time, I chose to reside in the Town of Newcastle in a very large good house [\which DELETED\] [\of/] [\WORD INTO our\] late Cousins. by this means I am better shelter'd from the northern blasts, & we are more in the way of people of business, & I can visit the Newcastle Dames shut up in a sedan chair which is much better than getting in & out of an equipage at the door; but not even this can preserve one from hazard of cold, for you must know as these people enhabit a soft mild region, they have a thorough passage for the zephirs, and as the street door is open behind when you
Enter, there is an open passage through [\to/] the Garden so that a fine draught of air is admitted, & if the canvass sail of a large hoop was expanded I imagine one should often be overset by the wind. That I might not offend here I enter'd into all the diversions of this Town, visits, concerts plays & balls. The desire of pleasure & love of dissipation rages here as much as in London. Diversions here are less elegant, & conversation less polite, but no one imagines retirement has any comforts, so that in a little while if one would enjoy retired leisure one must dwell amidst inaccessible mountains & unnavigable rivers. If benevolence impelld to this social intercourse I would endure the effect for the sake of the lovely cause, but it [\is/] merely the love of idleness that brings people thus constantly together, casual, unindear'd, joyless society, how can it pay one for the loss of hours which
Might be spent in the improvement of virtue & knowledge & the quiet pleasures of contemplation? There seems too much pride & ill nature in living retired where other people are mixing in society, & I will never affront any particular set of people by doing so; but if this mode of life continues, I shall endeavour to get myself a retreat in summer in some wild Country where I may live with departed saints & sages for some months every year, rather than waste my time on every idle fool that asks for it. I had rather live in Eddystone light house, & see nothing but the stars above & blank ocean below me, than be constantly haunted by the human species, but this scheme is to be reserved for times of leisure, business is a real duty. A prudent attention to ones affairs is so, the careless possessor of a large fortune tempts many to become knaves, has nothing wherewith to encourage merit & relieve distress, but turns a great blessing into a Curse & betrays a sacred trust. M=rs= Pelt has got [REMAINDER OF THE LETTER MISSING]