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Thursday y=e= 13t=h= Ag=st=. 1767 My dear friend
   I am much obliged to you for y=r= annotations, in many I agree with you, but not as to Polyphemus being a Giant like those of Ariosto & Tasso. The Ghost of Hamlet is surely sullen & not a spirit blest, if we [\may/] take y=e= Ghosts word. As to Ghosts I never yet heard of any person who gave such an account of their appearance as shew'd any tolerable art of lying. I have heard more artificial tales of Witches, & indeed have read some that were specious, & yet I do not believe them. However if there are [\not/] ghosts walking about in Church yards to frighten maid Servants, a Poet only copies ye vulgar tale. I dare say if [\there are DELETED\] [\is/] ever permitted [\to/] these Beings to appear, they do not resemble what we are told of them in
the Nursery, & I speak only of Nursery Ghosts. Pere Brumoy says y=e= Greeks allowd ye next of Kin to avenge a murder, but he may be mistaken so I will alter ye passage. Homers Pigmies have not ye least [\resembles DELETED\] [\resemblance/] to ye Dwarfs in Romance. The objection you make to my mentioning Hecate is just, & I wish Shakespear had not calld his witch by such a Heathenish name. Milton has made often such a kind of jumble. Erictho differs much from a parish witch, such as live in y=e= solitary Cottage on alms, nor do I imagine that prophecy was a part of y=e= Classick Witches talents, but that you know better than I. Whatever remarks you made before, I had observed and given place to. I wish'd you had given y=r= opinion as to ye general doctrine there maintained concerning fable & allegory &c. The copy I sent you was full of blunders & words left out I have not time now to read it over but a slight reading I saw those you remark but wanted leisure to correct them. I think
there is [\surely/] no instance in the Classick Authors of such enchantments as those in Ariosto & Tasso [\& Spenser./] Who were ye Necromancers who shut people up in Castles? dressed up figures that represented absent persons? made voices of Lovers call their beloved, & fierce foes give challenges all in delusion? Minerva in y=e= Ajax of Sophocles set her witt in a wonderfull manner against y=e= poor Hero, but she is not a Witch, & other Deities deluded a Hero they disliked in favour of another they protected. I am glad you have got M=rs= Dunbar in y=r= neighbourhood as to our Sylph I know not any thing of her, but intend to advertize her. Miss Freinds match is a notable enterprize. The M=r= Campbell you have seen at my House is the Person. He is a Lieutent of Marines & of a good family, & (\puis c'est tout\) Nor did avail ye entreaties of her Mother & Uncles when they desired her to desist from her project so to make y=e= best of y=e= matter they assented. I hope they will do what they
can to promote him now that nothing better can be done. Never was there such a headstrong obstinate girl. I think indiscreet as she was it is fortunate she got a man of merits character & family. She promised to marry him before she knew whether he was a Gentleman except from his own account of himself. I shall not be easy till y=r= unfortunate Servant is removed. Her waking you out of y=r= sleep makes one shudder. I am in no little bustle on this journey to Town. I shall be in Town on saturday & stay till wensday. I am ever, my dear friend most affectly
   I will write to you from London before I set out & I may hear from you on tuesday.