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Dec y=e= 7=th= My Dear Friend
   I am afraid this worst of weathers has no good effect on your health, perhaps indeed the Sea breezes may bring you a supply of air fit for respiration. we have here a strange atmosphere, but still I rejoyce that I am in London, for with all its fogs & faults it is surely much better to be where y=e= Earth has a Coat of Stone, than where [\from\] the Surface to the Center it is all moist & wet. I hope there will be calm weather for the gentle Vesey whenever she sets forward. Lady Ann Dawson does not intend to be in Town, she will reside near her Sister Lady Louise Clayton. The Royal Christening was performd last night, it was very brilliant. Lady Shelburne calld in me after y=e= Ceremony & she was so illuminated with jewels, & radiant
with gold silver, that she must have added splendor even to that magnificent assembly. Lady Frances Coningesbye & M=rs= Trevor seem very well this year. The young Dss of Beaufort expects every hour to encrease ye family. I believe as you do ye Court place will be an additional grief to ye Dowager. As far of the office as lies in the Stable his Grace will relish. I wish ye office were more lucrative. Poor Mad=me= de [\Sêclesne\] is still very ill tho better. How terrible to be sick in a Foreign Land & without a Friend! I truly pity her. I dont hear that y=r= Sister Chudleigh has yet perfectly establish_d her Virginity, but her Lawyers assure her she will be able to do [\it/], not I suppose by empannelling a jury of Matrons. It is odd enough that while she sues M=r= Augustus Hervey for jactitations of marriage, Tom Hervey sues his Wife in ye same way, & tho it is
it is commonly most difficult to prove a negative, Miss Chudleigh will triumph over her Hervey, y=e= other must submit to be the Husband of the Lady who claims him, for she will prove herself his Wife. She has not had so many Children as Virgin C-h, but I believe has had 3 or 4. The Duke of G- is to be divorced from bed & board but not to have a power to remarry. There are new comedies on ye Stage, but I have not seen them, not that I have been deterd from it by fear of immoderate laughter or weeping, for who laughs or crys at Modern Comedy or Tragedy? I have been unwell & uncomfortable with all this wet weather, but I am now what in our part of Kent we call (^indifferent well^) . M=r= Montagu has a return of his cough which I fear will abide with him through y=e= Winter
how ever he is not yet so bad as last year & even goes out. L=d= Lyttelton Bish=p= of Carlisle & M=r= & M=rs= Hood are to dine here. Pray present my best respects to all y=r= family. I heartily wish success to y=r= acid regimen but such weather flesh & blood cannot [\BLOT\] [\bear\] without feeling some bad effects.
   I am my Dear Friend Ever most affect=ly=
   Y=rs= EM
   My stick goes on too slow, I w=d= cheat as Milk Women too with their tallies if I thought you w=d= respect my