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y=e= 26 My D=r= Sister
   I sent the Lease to my Bro=r= & y=r= letter to M=r= Coote as soon as they came to hand. I am of opinion Joseph Woodhouse had best visit the Cows & see whether they deserve y=e= price set on them. However I went this morning to M=rs= Freind, who will send her Son [\to me/] to talk over such matters. M=rs= Freind thinks money may be stoppd for cropping the ground. As to Kitchen furniture you must not have it on Cootes appraisement, he is a shabby kind of man. I can buy some second hand for you & send it by water to Maidenhead. I had written for the Gardener, a manly man will be necessary to defend so many Virgin Ladies. I will send about the leathers as soon as Woodhouse is better, he has been very ill. As to Poultry I can send you some cocks & hens I presume, in Turkeys we have been unfortunate. It will not be inconvenient to spare
Joseph Woodhouse for a few days. I sh=d= think Pottatoes might answer better than lucerne but dont know much of such matters.
   I will consult these who do. I rejoyce to think we are so near meeting. M=rs= Freind says you design the best bedchamber for me which will be quite wrong, let me have y=e= worst as I shall not be a constant inhabitant. I dont like y=r= lying over y=e= Kitchen it will be noisy & hot for you. M=rs= Freind seems very happy now so much attention has been shown to her Children from her family. alas! poor Fielding, I hope she is out of this Vale of Tears. It must be a great comfort to you to think you have been a perfect guardian angel to her till she was consignd to the more powerfull protection of higher Beings. Pray buy a Bath pairing with ye poor remains of my poor bill. if you change it into shillings & get them gilt in y=e= Bath it may make some figure. As to Grunting Hogs & squeaking
pigs I can supply you from Sandleford. & I can send you Cauliflowers &c from [\China\] till y=r= Garden flourishes. Sandleford is now under better regulation than before & will produce I hope plenty of such matters.
   I hear my Bro=r= Robinson is better & so perhaps he will warble sweet his woodnotes wild in fitter scenes than Citties. M=r= Pulteney tells me he has offerd to build a Bridge at Bath in order for y=e= new Square, but ye Corporation had not accepted his offer when he mentiond it to me: they were deliberating upon it. I had a great many folks last night & I feel still weary but of late I have been very well.
   M=rs= Carter who dined with me desired her respects. L=d= Lytt=n= askd after you last night. Pretty M=r= Moisy was here, he is a charming youth in mind, person, & manners, & I thought y=e= Misses seemd to think so. I had not a Dram only a few
for I divide my acquaintance into different Soirees, I take ab=t= 40 at a time & at that rate I have so many acquaintance they may make (\mille & une nuit\) I am afraid. M=r= M: grows rather better but seems much worn in flesh & strength I must conclude to save ye early post. It joys my heart to think I shall soon be able to trip & tell you what I have to say. Comp=ts= to M=rs= Cutts & Miss Arnold
   I am my D=r= Sister
   Ever y=rs=