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Sandleford june y=e= 5=th= My Dear Madam
   Do alps rise between us & whole Oceans roll? They do alas! considerd grossly, but minds once well united cannot be seperated, mine follows you over hill & dale, goes on board your ship alights with you on the Shore, follows your most secret retreat in your retired bower, hovers round your tea table, even tho cups, sawcers, & prating Dames make a barbarous [\TEAR\] [{...{]atter . I have been free from fever these five days, & am making a swift progress towards perfect health. I was taking ye air on the London road on friday morning, & as I was reading an idle book I pass'd a Post coach without perceiving it, but a Servant came to my chaise window with M=r= & M=rs= Dunbars comp=ts= from the said Coach. I look'd out & perceived it was at no very
great distance; but there was an unwieldy Waggon between us, & I had got a new Postillion & my spirits were weak & I durst not turn back to talk to them. As I was 6 miles from home & quite out of their route I did not entertain any hope of getting them to go with me to Sandleford. You will be glad to hear that doughty Corporation of Criticks who call themselves ye Critical Reviewers have most graciously extoll'd a certain essay indeed far beyond its desert, & indeed beyond the Authors conceit of its merit as many good people in all the Towns in England regulate their opinions by this review it is lucky. The rich Grocer, the substantial Manufacturer sits & reads this litterary gazette with implicit faith, & y=e= Curate (who dictates in matters of learning to y=e= Farmers Heiress, who at boarding school learnt to read Novels) takes his opinions & derives [\his/] knowledge from ye monthly papers. I have laid aside
all thoughts of my Northern journey & intend to employ my Summer in the care of my health. I do not look upon the Cave of Mammon to be wholesome for Invalids so I shall abandon the cares of wealth this Season to attend to perfecting my recovery. The Dryads in Hampshire have been extreamly astonish'd at an importation of Shepherds & Shep[\h/]erdesses from London. Probably not a Pastor Fido or faithful lass amongst them; the glowworms ineffectual fires were extinguishd by a blaze of lamps, & bursts [\TEAR\] [{of{] Laughter Drowned the notes of plaintive
[\TEAR\] [{Phi{]lomel. I believe ye Duchess of Boltons as[\sembly? COVERED\]
[\TEAR\] [\...\]] very brilliant, but as the Countess of Desmond [\was not there/] I did not regret not being of it. I am to go to Town upon business for a few days next week, & I will then send you all the news I can procure, & especialy what may relate to our Friends for as to the rumours of the general World they play round the head & come [\not to y=e= heart/] My Sister desires her best comp=ts= M=r= Montagu his respects. My affectionate comp=ts= attend M=rs= Hancock
[\IN MARGIN\] and M=r= Vesey. Pray tell him I know the reason he did not come to England this year, He waits till he is irresistibly old, but indeed if he will not come till he is perfectly dangerous I will keep out of his way. Tell him we are all very angry
 at being deserted by him, We did not deserve it considering how we love & esteem him. I am D=r= Madam most affect=ly=
   Y=rs= EM
[\ADDRESS\] To / M=rs= Vesey / at Agmondesham Veseys Esq=r= / at
Dublin / Ireland