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y=e= 14 My dear Sylph
   Millions of thanks for y=e= kind note yesterday, [\& for/] your kinder because longer epistolary favour of to day. I am better in health & spirits since I was blooded, but still y=e= bustle of y=e= ensuing journey is like a Whirlwind about me. I am sensibly obliged to you for all you say to cheer my spirits on quitting my native Land, you owed me indeed the consolatory words, for you are one of my chief & greatest regrets in leaving it. I could have left Great Brittain with all its Inhabitants with much less pain if a sweet little Woman born in Ireland had not been in the way. I told you in my last that all people advise me rather to Nice than to any other part of France unless I w=d= stay in the good
Citty of Paris. What is a Citty without a Vesey & there will not be a Vesey there so I will not stay in it. I really hope great benefit to my health. I design at my return to give you my picture. As you are so unduly out to ye pictures of my mind I propose to order some copies of [\my/] old letters to various correspondents to be deliverd to you as soon as they can be written out. When you have read them you shall deliver them to my Sister. You must not let any one see them but M=r= Vesey & M=rs= Hancock. M=r= Burke S=r= G: Macartney & M=r= C: Fox calld in y=e= other day while S=r= Josh was doing my picture, we talkd of you & I believe my portrait will wear a softer smile for it. M=r= Burke kindly call_d on me the next day. I have not a moment
I can call my own you will therefore excuse my not thanking you as I sh=d= do for y=e= sweet charming letter. I propose to set out on tuesday for Canterbury for France perhaps on Wensday. I may steal a moment at Dover to write to you. Comp=ts= to all at Kingston
   Ever most affect=ly=
   EM I dont credit y=e= rumour of y=e= diverse (^promotions^) to be at present. [\4 LINES DELETED\] I have enclosed you a letter to L=d= Bath which you will return to my Sister with ye others. The letter is not worth y=e= reading to one who does not love y=e= writer as partially as you do