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April 27 1776 My dear Friend
   I suppose you fine London [\Ladies\] think the best thing that can be said of the poor Souls in the Country, is, that they enjoy good health. I cannot but own that I am a little anxious [\to hear/] that even in your more exalted sphere of life you [\possess'd INTO possess\] the same vulgar comfort, for you seem'd not well the morning I parted from you. We had fine weather in our journey with its usual alloy, glaring Sunshine, & much dust. However as Sunshine & dust are not dangerous to health, I did not murmur. I was a good deal indisposed on wensday night, but at Sandleford found y=e= rural blessings health & quiet. I have a full
quire of Nightingales, but dare not follow their invitation to the night Concerts in the y=e= Wood. I catch a Song at my dressing room Window as it floats upon the Wings of night, & I extinguish my bougies sometimes to receive the gentle light of Cynthia. But the moonlight ramble is prohibited to weak health. If Jean Jacques was peeping over my shoulder he would say, I had debilitated my natural powers by civil habits, & that I might have walk_d upon all fours with impunity at any hour, if I had been brought up in the Woods instead of a City. True indeed my Sylvan Philosopher! but it was through the delicacy of a Town education that I acquired a taste for the Song of ye Nightingale, & the faint beams of y=e= Moon, & thus
end most speculations with infinite ingenuity of argument but a impotence of conclusion. I should say much in favour of my system, Jean Jacques w=d= say well in favour of his, at last I should step into my Carriage, & he would stalk away on all fours, neither of us better inform'd or reformed.
   I have orderd White to call on you to know when you w=d= appoint M=r= Dilly to wait on you about the corrections of my poor Works. I am ashamed to think of ye trouble I gave you, but realy I was unable to write them over, & they were illegible to any one but a Friend used to my scrawl. All here desire their comp=ts=. My little man is pure well.
   I am my dear Friend
   Ever yours EM
[\ADDRESS\] M=rs= Carter