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friday y=e= 31=st= My dear Sister
   I intended to have been with you yesterday morning but was prevented by receiving a letter ye night before that my little Matt at M=r= Burrows was not well, so I went to Hagleigh & brought him to London. His disorder seemd chiefly to arise from his stomach, so he has taken a little gentle-emetick this morning & is now well & at play with his marbles. As I am to dine at y=e= Duchess of Beauforts to meet some Foreigners to day I shall not be able to get to you, & tomorrow I am to dine out, & in y=e= morning to go to M=r= Duanes. I wanted to inform you that I have apply_d for ye Kings sign manual for leave for my nephew Matt to change his name to Montagu. He will change
a good name for a better, & as there is but one precedent in y=e= Montagu family of such marriages as ours has proceeded, & my poor Cousin Wortley was only 14 years of age, & press'd by hunger as well as another ignoble passion, I hope my nephew Montagu will not make such an alliance. I lived in a prodigious hurley burley ever since I saw you, & to thicken y=e= plot, Edw Brown came some days since, & M=r= Black will be here on Sunday.
   You are more likely than I am to know for what reason the P: of Wales family has undergone alterations. There is but one M=r= Smelt in y=e= World, & I grieve y=e= Princes lose him. But in this unstable World who expects stability in a Court? Best love to Miss Arnold, & most affec=te= respects to M=rs= Cutts. I saw my Father, on Wensday morning [\he is well/] . I did not tell him of y=e= operation
I was going to perform on his Grandsons name, but c=d= not help feeling some pleasure that I thought I had by it answerd in some degree his insinuations on my account at his Coffee house.
   I have great pleasure in paying respect where gratitude is due, & in escaping to y=e= utmost of my power from the honour of certain alliances.
   Miss Gregory sends best comp=ts= y=r= Nephew his duty. You will be glad to hear that in spite of all my indiscretions I am very well. Poor M=r= Blondel by going out in a cold Northeast wind got a return of his sore throat much worse than at first, he is better but keeps his bed. My little Man tells me my Bro=r= has carried his Wife to Canterbury but I imagine he mistakes as poor Charles did not seem in a hurry to enjoy the settled comforts of ye conjugal state
   I hope you are better for y=e= south west breeze I was not satisfied with y=r= looks when I was at Chelsea. I am ever most affect=te= Sister
[\ADDRESS\] M=rs= Scott / Lawrence Street / Chelsea / Friday 31=st= 3 o'clock