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Sandleford 19=th= of april
   My dear Friend wishd to hear of my safe arrival at Sandleford, & to that circumstance I can add that we had an agreable journey. The weather was not delightful enough to have suited a party of pleasure, but it [\WORDS INTO tolerably well\] in a case in which it was not to act the Capital part, all the occasion required was, that it should not be troublesome. The Country has not yet put on its (\demy saison\) dress, nor wears the blooming airs of spring, but its winter severity is softend, & its sober chearfulness is pleasing to one just escaped from the bustle of the World. Montagu rose at six so impatient he was to run round his play fields here, After Church I sent him to ride round the Farm with M=r= Woodhouse, I fear that whatever good or splendid things this World may hereafter afford him, he will never enjoy so much happiness as he has done here in his infancy riding on a Poney
or working [\at INTO in\] ye Hay Field. I expect a most exact account of the state of ye Farm at his return, for he has acquired a knowledge of rural affairs by his attention to them in his infancy, & interests himself mightily about them. I hope what has been his early sport will always be a favorite amusement. The Wise folks say a Gentleman seldom gets by farming, that he does not get money I believe, but he gets better things, health, innocent amusement, an acquaintance with an industrious set of Men who deserve, & often want his kindness; & a knowledge of human nature which should be first studied in its pure elements.
   If you hear any news concerning War of Peace, or of any publick concern I know you will have y=e= goodness to communicate such things, but beg you w=d= not delay writing to me till you have these subjects: to hear you & my Friends are in health & well amused, is ever most interesting to my heart.
   I am always most affect=ly=
   EMontagu Miss Gregory & my Nephew are much y=r= humble Servants & join with me in Love to my Godson