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Sept y=e= 25 [\IN PENCIL 1787\]
   Opportunity again courteously offers to convey a letter from me to my dear Sylph, & I cannot decline his kind proposal; but he acts as a much better Carrier, he never brings to Sandleford any thing to put in a letter to make it agreable & entertaining. Indeed for some days past I have not been in good spirits. S=r= William Robinson had been several months in a declining state of health, but I flatterd myself he might last some time longer, but last tuesday I had a letter from Bath to tell me that on monday morning he expired. His general benevolence made him of value to ye World, but his strong attachment to his Friends, his continual attention to serve & oblige them, his amiable affectionate temper, & gentle manners endeared him beyond expression to all who were intimately connected with him. For purity and
integrity of mind, tenderness & benevolence of disposition, & gentleness of manners, I n'ere shall look upon his like again. My [\WORD DELETED\] [\concern/] for [\what/] my Lord Primate will feel on ye loss of so beloved & so worthy a Brother is very great, [\and\] I fear his affliction will be aggravated by his Publick duties having prevented his being with S=r= William this Summer, while the poor Man was in bad health. I never saw two Brothers who seem_d so affectionate to each other It seems hard that two such Friends should part without taking leave, for melancholly as is y=e= moment of farewell on reflection it adminsters a kind of consolation. S=r= Williams patience & resignation as health & strength decreased renderd his condition almost enviable. I had a letter from him but 3 days before he expired, in which he gently intimates his having no hope of recovery, but his thankfulness to God for the long life he had enjoy_d, the many blessings he had received, & y=e= perfect resignation to ye divine Will made one sensible that ye sting of death is Sin & that the truly
religious & Virtuous Man sees his dissolution approach without any pertubation of mind.
   Montagu had a letter from M=rs= Alison yesterday which gave us ye pleasure of hearing she & her little Girl were in good health. Her youngest Brother M=r= William Gregory, who had a Curacy in this part of the World, spent a day with us last week, he left us on tuesday morning, being then in a hurry to prepare for his journey to Sudborough. We are all very sorry that he has left ye Neighborhood but the Person to whom he was Curate intends now to reside at his Benefice & do ye duty himself.
   I hope Lady Clermont is return_d to England as I see by ye news papers her Lord is come back.
   I do not wonder you were delighted with Devonshire House. I was charmd with it when I saw it & I imagine it has been improved & embellishd since that time. I hope Lady Spencer will make M=r= Poyntz a visit when the Dss of Devonshire is quite well again This wish is a little interested as I may hope to catch a glimpse
of her Ladyship, & indeed she herself will find infinite pleasure in seeing her charming Neices & Nephews. the three young Ladies are not only beautiful & lovely in their Persons, but most amiable in their dispositions; & their manners are so polite, modest, & engaging, they would adorn a Royal drawing room, or by their innocence & humility bless an humble habitation. M=rs= Poyntz is a most attentive Mother, & has formed their characters on the true principles of religion & morality; & as she lives in retirement, the young Ladies have not been left to a pert superficial affected thing call_d a Governante. M=rs= Poyntz eldest Son who is at Eton did us ye favour to dine with us one day, we were charmed with his good sense & elegant propriety of behaviour, & he is very handsome, & ye youngest Son, to whom I have ye honour to be Godmother, is by far the finest & most sensible child of his age I ever saw. If you can represent to yourself a little urchin who has ye archness of a Cupid, & ye good humourd [\& open Countenance/] of a Cherubim you may have some idea of him. I have recommended [\him/] to M=rs= M:
Montagu as a pattern boy, but I do not find she is in so great a hurry upon that subject as Doctor Douglas. I should be very desirious, whenever there was proper opportunity, to do him any service; but the recommendation of an (\Accoucheur\), or (\Accouchense\), must come from the relations of ye Lady, & as M=rs= M: Montagu's Mother dyed in Childbed of her first Child, I w=d= not for ye World meddle in ye affair. indeed my anxieties w=d= be more than enough for this sweet young Woman. I should be very glad to have a grandchild, but am not impatient for any good which must be purchased by her suffering, or danger. My young Friends present their best compliments to you & M=rs= Handcock, to whom I beg mine. I sh=d= be happy to hear she was quite recoverd.
   I hope Lord & Lady Cremorne have found all ye benefit they hoped at Tunbridge, as much pleasure as one could hope from human Converse they must have found in the Society of L=d= Mansfield.
   There are many things which I have heard people
advised to [\lay\] by for a rainy day, I hope you will do so by this letter, for it w=d= be pity you sh=d= withdraw y=r= attention from a pleasant World to give it to such dullness; but with whatever stupidity of head I may write, be assured that with ye greatest sensibility of heart, & vivacity of affection, I am my dear Sylphs
   Most faithfull Friend
   & Obed=t= H=ble= Servant