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31=st= [\ANOTHER HAND 1790?\]
My very dear Sister
   I believe many of our Sex feel greater mortification at being arrived at the age at which Men cease to flatter them than at any other effect of years; but to you, truth can never say displeasing things. I am rejoyced to find you are recovering from a state of languor, for tho not a dangerous, or painfull, [\it/] is an uncomfortable condition. & to have found your good Friend at Caister in improving health must have raised your spirits. I am sorry he is not likely to undertake a journey to London, there are many interesting objects in the Capital of our Country, & the improved elegance & magnificence, the signs of increased opulence, & effects of Peace & plenty, would give him heartfelt pleasure. To make him the best amends in my power for not beholding my Phiz, I have got him a Print which [\except/] [\WORDS DELETED\] the original is the homeliest object he can cast his eyes upon, & I shall deliver it to Miss Arnold on Monday next, to present to him when she goes to [\Callon\], it was taken from My Lord Primates Portrait of me done by S=r= Joshua Reynolds. If it should shock M=r= Freeman I desire your apothecary to make its
   My Friends have carried me last tuesday to see a 90 Gun ship launched, it was the most magnificent object ever formed by Man, it had been 9 years building, & it is manned by 900 Sailors, & the number of Spectators was in proportion to the Grandeur of the Spectacle but as Montagu got us Seats in Lord Chatham box we did not suffer any inconvenience; but sat in a Booth on the Shore contemplating all the glories of Father Thames, Commercial Vessels passing while the proud Ship of War was preparing to protect them from the insults of their Enemies. Lord Belgrave, one of the Lords of the Admiralty came home with us & dined here. I hope the Spaniards will not persist in their bravery.
   M=rs= Boscawen & her Sister M=rs= Price & Miss Price, & M=rs= Levinson dined with us on thursday. On monday we are to dine with M=r= & M=rs= Raikes, where I shall have the pleasure of meeting Miss Arnold & Miss Bowdler
   I can with pleasure tell you it is thought M=r= Pitt will have 14 more Friends in this than he had in the last Parliament, & if by his spirited preparations he awes the Spaniards to submission, which there is much reason to hope, he will [\tip\] the [\Olive\] with
more glory than the [\laurels bear\].
   As reflection of purse is dangerous to the mind as reflection of blood [\&/] humours to ye body, Miss [\Vannick\] has taken good measures to prevent it.
   Lady Valletort to ye mortification of ye Mountedgemonte family has brought forth a dead Child. I am grieved such good Parents, & a happy Pair, sh=d= have had so great a disappointment.
   I hope L=d= Stanhope & his Crew will only disgrace themselves, & not disturb their Country.
   The late L=d= Hardwickes Executors sent me a mourning ring which I take as a great compliment I suppose in consequence of his Lordships having put up my Portrait at Wimpole; he made M=r= Sloane copy of it from one done for S=r= W=m= Robinson; he placed it in company with Persons with whom my very small merits had little pretensions to rank. I have had a very obliging invitation from the present Lord & Lady Hardwick to make one in a visit my young Friends have promised them a few days [\hence\] , but I grow too old for [\excursions\]. My health has been uninterrupted, but
My eyes are very weak to day, owing to, I believe, the damp Weather. Last night we had terrible wind & rain, & y=e= [\rains\] continue very violent.
   On friday next I propose to sleep at M=rs= Boscawens at [\Beckmond\] , & on Saturday to get to Sandleford, & I hope this family will soon follow me thither.
   There are terrible commotions at Lyons, & the wiser heads at Paris shout y=e= Government no nearer a settlement than it was this time twelve months. It is thought our Parl=e= will not meet y=e= 10=th=. I hope they will not assemble till Winter. Accept y=e= affectionate respects of this family.
   I am my dear Sister
   y=r= most affect=te= & Obliged
   EM All here in perfect health